Laurie Levine at Constellations Laurie Levine (pictured left) is one of the performers in this years Constellations: The Garden of Good and Evil at Spier, directed by Brett Bailey. The SAMA-nominated singer-songwriter, composer and producer has spent almost twenty years honing her craft, with a catalogue of over 150 songs, eight album releases, hundreds of stage performances and ventures into the world of tv and film. She speaks to WeekendSpecial about her plans for Constellations:

WS: Is this your first Constellations- if yes what is it about the event that intrigues you as a performer? 

Laurie Levine: This is my first Constellations performance and I am really excited to be part of the intrigue and magic of this event. I am a big admirer of Brett Bailey’s work – he creates captivating worlds, inviting performers and audiences alike to step outside of the real world and partake in something fantastical and sublime. I am so looking forward to presenting my music in a magical setting in the forest clearing along the river at Spier, with only lanterns and campfires for light. I am also curious to perform for different sets of people during the evening, creating a slightly different experience for each audience group that visits my performance space on the route.

WS: Tell us what audiences can expect from your Constellations performance? 

Laurie Levine: There will be no technology used for these performances, and so I will be playing unplugged, using acoustic instruments. People can expect something very intimate, stripped down and close-up. They will hear the breath between words, the hushed silence in the pauses and they will feel my songs move through them as if in a lucid dream. They should expect to be lulled into something mystical, haunting and moving.

Please describe your music, for those who may be unaware?

Laurie Levine: Over the years my music style has shifted, and it is continually evolving as I make new sonic discoveries. I have been a singer-songwriter for many years, writing and performing songs under the folk umbrella, with hints of alt country, soul, and rock. In recent years I have taken my songs into a more cinematic, atmospheric, and spacious place, bringing in other influences too. While my songs still have their roots in folk, they have taken on a darker shade, utilising hypnotic melodies and rhythms. I have also started composing instrumental music which is spilling over into my songwriting and shaping my sound.

WS: What’s coming up for you after Constellations?

Laurie Levine: I am currently working on some music compositions and songs, and this will be my focus for the rest of the year.

What: Constellations: The Garden of Good and Evil

Where and when: Spier Wine farm from 3 to 18 November 2023 from 7.30 to 9.30pm

Tickets: R250 per person, or R375 for a double ticket including a cheese & charcuterie platter. All tickets include a complimentary glass of Spier’s award-winning wines. Tickets are available through Webtickets

This event is not suited to children under 16