Bucket Boy at the Baxter Director Adrian Collins, together with writer Pierre Malherbe, will present Bucket Boy at the Baxter Masambe Theatre from 31 October to 15 November 2023.

The dark, yet poignant comedy is set in a DVD store in the not too distant 2010s. John Maytham  plays the part of Baardmann, the long suffering owner of the store, who is failing to keep his business afloat as the declining  popularity of DVDs makes way for online streaming.

Pierre Malherbe plays the part of Duncan, a struggling songwriter and one of the store’s customers, who takes on a part time job at the store, to supplement his income as a musician.

But Baardmann has a secret obsession that is linked to his mysterious past and soon these two men from similar, but  different backgrounds find their histories colliding in a comedic play full of wit, nostalgia and suspense.

Bucket Boy Background

Adrian Collins is a Cape Town-based, internationally experienced actor and local director. Although he has worked primarily as an actor, his focus is switching to directing, with a passion for creating low-fi  independent theatre and film. His directorial credits include; Apple Face, also written by Pierre Malherbe, A Steady Rain, The Finklesteins Are Coming To Dinner, The Room and the short film Gcobisa. 

Pierre Malherbe is a Cape Town-based actor with over 20 years of experience in theatre, film and television. He has also dabbled in stand up comedy and performed three self penned solo  shows. His most recent film work includes a lead role in the Tim Greene-directed film The Fury for Amazon Prime Video and the part of Louis Howe in FDR, a docudrama about Franklin D Rooseveldt for the History Channel. In 2018, he wrote and acted in the play, Apple Face at the Alexander Theatre, which was directed by Adrian Collins.

John Maytham has been with Cape Talk Radio since its first broadcast in October 1997. He turned to radio journalism in 1990 after a “moderately successful” decade as an actor, but has never lost the desire to be on stage. He’s grateful that he has been offered occasional opportunities in recent years, including Shakespeare in Love at the Fugard, Richard III at Maynardville, and Louis Viljoen’s The Outlaw Muckridge at the Baxter.

What: Bucket Boy

Where and when: Masambe Theatre at the Baxter, 31 October – 15 November 2023

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