Weekend Comedy is the latest Milnerton Players production by Jeanne and Sam Bobrick. The show is directed by Lauren Haupt and will run from 26 July to 10 August, 2019.

Peggy (Cindy Nixon) and Frank (Chris Doran) with Jill (Hannah Crafford) and Tony (Lance Laubscher) in Milnerton Players Weekend Comedy
Cindy Nixon and Chris Doran with Hannah Crafford and Lance Laubscher in Milnerton Players Weekend Comedy

Weekend Comedy storyline

When two couples, one older and one younger, turn up with the same booking for a cottage in the country expecting to have a quiet, romantic weekend there could be a major problem.

Not so when Peggy and Frank (Cindy Nixon, Chris Doran), a couple in their 50’s, married for 20 years and Jill and Tony (Hannah Crafford, Lance Loubscher) a young unmarried couple, all find themselves at the quaint destination.

Deciding to share it, a comedic clash between the generations ensues as they inadvertently help each other to learn something about their own relationships.

Comedy and pathos are at the core of the play. While Peggy is looking to rekindle a little romance and Frank is hoping that his routines won’t be too interrupted, the younger couple display an intimacy that is a disconcerting to the older couple. Conversely Jill envies the stability of the older couple, but as the weekend progresses they get to look at each other through the other couple’s eyes.

Crossing generations is the theme and with that come the lessons that we will all have experienced both young and old.

Looking at these relationship with different eyes results in some delightful comedic moments offering a mid-winter feel – good comedy that will warm you to the core.

Lauren Haupt’s directorial debut

Director Lauren Haupt has been on stage at the Playhouse in a number of productions and is an award-winning actress. Weekend Comedy is her debut as a director, giving her even more theatrical skills.

The actors each bring a great deal of experience to the Milnerton stage. Chris Doran is a newbie to Milnerton, taking the lead in his first non musical role, having had extensive musical experience in Johannesburg. Cindy Nixon is also mainly a musical performer with years of experience and the role of Peggy is her biggest non musical role yet.

Hannah Crafford had a lead role in the recent production of And Then What, while Lance Loubscher was in the award-winning The 39 Steps staged by Milnerton Players.

Special low price Weekend Comedy preview on Friday, 26 July 2019 at R70. No concessions. All other performances R85 to R95 with concessions.

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What: Weekend Comedy
When: 26, 27 July & 2, 3, 9, 10 August at 8pm, matinees 3 ,10 August at 2.30pm
Where: Milnerton Playhouse, Pienaar Road (behind library) Milnerton
Online bookings: www.milnertonplayers.co.za, bookings@milnertonplayers.com
Info: 082 267 1061