A Feast of Flight 2018 Charlize and the Chocolate Factory. Picture Lindsey Appolis
A Feast of Flight 2018 – Charlize and the Chocolate Factory. Picture Lindsey Appolis

A Feast of Flight is the latest pole dance show by The Pole Project. A non-verbal theatrical production, it’s the second in a series of modernised childhood stories and fairy tales pinned for future events.

A Feast of Flight 2017 was staged at the Nassau Centre, the theme being a contemporary play on Lewis Caroll’s famous Alice in Wonderland, where Alistair was followed down a rabbit hole of dubious choices until eventually he “slayed his jabberwocky demons”.

Fantastical characters

This year the storyline is based on Roald Dahl’s s tale of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… except in the modern-day pole world five competitors are followed as they battle it out for the title of being the “face of Wonka”. What you get is a peek at the peculiar confectionary maven, Willy Wonka, the Wonka factory and his Oompa Loompas.

The Pole Project, Pole180, Wild Pole Flow Movement

Director of the production and owner of The Pole Project, Kathy Lee, says: “The challenge this year was to find a theme that would top our first show and live up to some rather high expectations. Not only did we need to find fantastical characters we could bring to life and that audiences would be familiar with, but also a story that could translate into a pole dancing production on stage. We decided on the beloved tale of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, because who doesn’t love the story about the eccentric candy manufacturer Willy Wonka, who opens up his mysterious factory to five lucky children? With its two film versions and a West End musical, Roald Dahl’s ‘sweet’ story is arguably the most prominent among his many children’s books. Plus, the name is fortuitously harmonious with the name of our show… a FEAST indeed!”

A Feast of Flight can be seen at the Joseph Stone Auditorium. This second work is presented by instructors and students of The Pole Project (in Woodstock) in collaboration with Pole180 (in Bellville) and Wild Pole Flow Movement (in Woodstock, previously in Bergvliet). With a student base ranging from the CBD to the Southern and Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, A Feast of Flight 2018 is a showcase of pole dance talent from around the city.

Lee tells us a little bit more about this years’ storyline: “We decided to spin Dahl’s delicious tale with our own contemporary and imaginative twists. In our story Willy Wonka is looking for the new “face” of the chocolate factory. Auditions are being held worldwide, and only five talented finalists will get a “Golden Ticket” to the final round. Audience members will be taken on a journey where they will get to meet some crazy and entertaining characters, including Die Augustus Groep, V-Tox Beauregarde, Veruca Salt ‘n Pepa, The Teavee Sisters… and of course Charlize our underdog, the shy ‘boeremeisie’ whom, we hope, will ultimately emerge triumphant.”

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What: A Feast of Flight – Charlize and the Chocolate Factory
Where: Joseph Stone Auditorium Athlone
When: Friday, 12, Saturday, 13 October 2018, 7pm – 9pm
Feast of Flight tickets: R255 – R295, Quicket
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