Reasons to love Tiger KingThere are many, many reasons to love Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, the Netflix doccie that’s taken the streaming world by storm. We do know that many animal rights supporters have refused to watch the show on principle – and because it may be very upsetting  – but in actual fact, the docu-series is far more about humans than animals. A very, very unlikeable bunch of people, to be precise. Who knew that one relatively small sector of the business world – the exotic animal industry –  contained so many crazy people per square metre?

Reasons to love Tiger King:

  • The lead character is a polygamous gay man called Joe Exotic, who has a penchant for firearms and tigers, once owned a large exotic animal zoo, and ran for the posts of Governor of Oklahoma and President of the United States.
  • Joe’s nemesis is a woman called Carole Baskin who is an animal right activist who runs a wildlife sanctuary called Big Cat Rescue (which looks very similar to an exotic animal zoo). Carole started the sanctuary with funds she inherited after her wealthy second husband mysteriously disappeared. His body has never been found.
  • Also playing in the exotic animal park is Bhagavan Antle, who also owns a zoo which appears to be part of a sex cult. His “employees” are required to have boob jobs.
  • One of Joe Exotic’s husbands is a man called Travis Maldonado, who has what is politely called “Meth Mouth” (a severe lack of teeth due to methamphetamine abuse) and a penchant for sub-machine guns decorated in pink camo colours.

  • Joe’s staff at his zoo included a zoo manager so loyal to Joe that they returned to work several days after having their arm ripped off by a tiger.
  • Joe has also recorded music albums and videos (with names like I Saw Tiger), and had his own reality series online programme. Classic stuff.
  • The majority of the docu-series is about Joe Exotic’s feud with Carole Baskin – he claims she is trying to run him out of business, she claims his zoo is cruel and should be shut down. Neither comes across very well.
  • Some of the other characters include the owner of several titty bars, a former drug lord who is involved in animal trafficking, and a Las Vegas conman.
  • Joe Exotic is currently in jail on charges of animal cruelty and conspiring to kill Carole Baskin.
  • Watching the series makes one realise exactly why Trump was voted into power. And who did the voting.

What: Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Where: Netflix