SASOLBURG COMMON “BIRDS” OF SOUTH AFRICA. Written by Candice van Litsenborgh. Directed by Richard Firth. With Candice van Litsenborgh and Daneel van der Walt. Alexander Theatre Upstairs.


You know that feeling when suddenly, on purpose and with astrological accuracy, the universe aligns with you and provides you with exactly what you need the most? I have just had that.

‘Sasolburg Common “Birds” of South Africa’ And you can too. Just get on over to the Alexander Bar at 9pm any night this week to witness Sasolburg Common “Birds” of South Africa. This crazy, loonish piece is written by Candice van Litsenborgh, and performed by her and Daneel van der Walt, and directed by Richard Wright Firth and it is so funny, I struggled to breathe in between laughs.

Cobalise and Jacomine, two Sasolburg sisters (real and blood) take us through the years and influences of their lives; from when they were kids, through school, dating, career choices, Spur waitressing, a wedding, and even jail time, to the present, in a series of the most hilarious scenes, monologues, clowning, comic timing, poignant moments, dance moves, chicken sexing, and many, many malapropisms. These two are comic magic together, and they do not let up.

Their faces, their tones, their accents, their silliness, the hilarious bits of set, their fascinators and tutus, the rudeness and swearing, and sound effects make this one of the funniest and funnest hours I have ever spent watching people on stage.

There is no doubt that these two are having the time of their lives, and we are included in it. It felt a bit like how I felt while watching Monty Python’s Life of Brian for the first time – mad, unexpected, original, edgy and totally, utterly hilarious. This could become a cult thing. It could go viral. Best you get to see it now!

What: Sasolburg Common “Birds” of South Africa

Where and when: Alexander Upstairs Theatre from 12 to 17 March

Book: Here