The cosy Rootspring House venue in Muizenberg, Cape Town, starts 2020 with some fine acts. Here’s a quick glimpse of performers on the bill in the upcoming weeks:

On the Rootspring stage

Catto, Tait & Eaves, 18 January, 7pm. R120
South Easter, 19 January, 7pm, R120
Dax Butler, 25 January, 7pm, R80
Reini Adelbert with Jonny Blundell, 26 January, 7pm. R120
Mark Fransman (Sonik Citizen) & Jitsvinger 15 February, 7pm, R100

Catto, Tait & Eaves
Catto, Tait & Eaves

Catto, Tait & Eaves

Catto, Eaves and Tait stems from a shared gig sometime back between Hatchetman and Berrisford Rose. What was supposed to just be a few collaborations on the evening turned into something special. It was immediately decided then and there that these needed to become a more regular occurrence.

So join in at the beautiful Rootspring house on Saturday, 18 January for an evening of other worldly harmonies and musicianship of the highest calibre. Here’s more intel:

Matt Catto
“Born in Joburg into the musical Blundell folk dynasty, my earliest memories are of family singalongs, barn dances and many of the big folk music personalities of the time coming around to the house for visits or rehearsals. Several bands later, I settled on a group which focused on three-part harmony and emotive, thought-provoking song writing. Nearly six years later I am still very much focused on singing, and deeply enjoy creating harmonies with similarly inclined musicians. Oh, and I now also do a half-decent percussionist impression.”

Jono Tait
Jono Tait was born in Cape Town and took to playing music as soon as he started school. Starting out in the choir and taking piano lessons, he branched out into trombone in high school. At 15 he decided to pick up guitar and has not looked back since. Jono established himself as an acoustic player and songwriter before picking up an electric and giving that a real chance at the age of 19. His first bands were acoustic and harmony driven, notably The Hedges and For Folk Sake.

In 2013, Hatchetman came together, an acoustic, folk rock trio built around a unique three-part vocal harmony blend. The band won two Silver Ovation Awards from the National Arts Fest (2015 and 2017).

Jennifer Eaves
Raised listening to Neil Young and Joan Baez, trained classically at UCT, and with nearly 20 years spent performing around South Africa and Europe, Jennifer Eaves is a musical enigma. Morphing between classical musician, a Celtic, and folk story teller, Jennifer has immersed herself in emotive songwriting. With albums Braiding the Silence (2006) and Land of Lonely (2011) in her pocket, she launched her full length studio album Half of You in May 2019, which tells stories from the road, the heart, and home.

Selling out listening venues both as a solo artist and as a part of the stunning Jenny and the Jameses trio which incorporates, traditional folk and bluegrass together with Jennifer’s solo material.

Doors open at 6.30pm. The show starts at 7pm. Interval is at 7.45pm. Food pre-orders are essential via Quicket. Book here.

South Easter
19 January

South Easter is the meeting of East and South, like the wind that blows here. It is also known as the Cape Doctor, the healing wind. South Easter is made up of 3 generations of musicians – Hilton Schilder, Ronan Skillen and Abraham Mennen who fuse their unique sounds and instruments to capture the listening ear and soul. Featured instruments include piano, mouthbow, flutes, tabla, didge, saxophones, percussion.

Hilton Schilder
Composer and jazz multi-instrumentalist, Hilton was born into a musical family in Lotus River, Cape Town. He is the son of jazz legend Tony Schilder and nephew of Chris Schilder. Hilton partnered with Mac McKenzie in the mid-80s to form The Genuines. Later Hilton was a member of Robbie Jansen’s Sons of Table Mountain. In the early 2000s, he performed with the Goema Captains of Cape Town and released his first solo album entitled No Turning Back. He was the project leader of the SA/Swiss jazz ensemble Iconoclast plus numerous other collaborations.

Ronan Skillen
Ronan has been exploring a fusion of tabla, percussion and didge by means of a hybrid percussion kit which he designed. He is inspired by the aesthetic of the ECM label, and music from Mali to Memphis and Mumbai. He’s featured on over 50 albums and has toured the world as a freelance musician.

Abraham Mennen
Abraham is a multi-award winning saxophonist, improvisor, composer and multi-discipline artist. He mostly performs jazz, improvised and experimental music. He has worked with Louis Moholo, William Parker, John Lockwood, Herbie Tsoaeli, Hilton Schilder, Kyle Shepherd, Siya Makuzeni and more. He has recorded with William Parker and was a regular member of several of his ensembles during his years in New York.

As a classical soloist, he won gold medal at the ATKV Muziq 2011, Overall Winner at the Wakkerstroom Music Festival 2012 and has performed concertos with the London Contemporary Orchestra and Royal College of Music Chamber Orchestra. He was musical director of Korean music ensemble Hapum Haneun Hama (Boston) and saxman for Escarioka Crew (NY).  He’s The Really Revered Whole Story and Three Improvisations.

Doors open at 6.30pm. The show starts at 7pm. Interval is at 7.45pm. Food pre-orders are essential via Quicket. Book here.

Note: Pre-orders for food are essential via Quicket. The venue isn’t licensed so BYO booze. Glasses provided. And a heads-up – to avoid being fined don’t park on the pavement!

Where is Rootspring House: Axminster Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town
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