SafariLIVE on SABC 3 returns with more unscripted, natural adventures in the wild at Sabi Sands, Kruger in South Africa and the Maasai Mara in Kenya. The live and interactive show will continue to transport viewers onto the back of the world’s largest safari vehicle.

SafariLIVE on SABC 3

 In South Africa, viewers can expect to catch up with their favourite royal leopard family. The old Duke Tingana is still patrolling his territory in Djuma. Meanwhile, the irascible Queen Thandi is doing her best at raising her daughter – the ever playful, soon to be independent, Princess Tlalamba.

Little Chief Hosana seems to have has recently disappeared, possibly seeking out his own territory in surrounding areas. His mischievous and clown-like personality has been greatly missed … but will he make an appearance once more?

The Nkuhuma pride of lions has experienced a coalition takeover with the Avoca males arriving in the north. That could mean the chance to meet a new generation of Nkuhuma cubs at Djuma. Finally, the Djuma clan of hyenas has been a hive of activity with many new members at the communal den.

Up in the Mara Triangle of Kenya, the famous Kinky Tail and her Sausage Tree pride have been hunting buffalo whilst they patiently wait for the migration to arrive. The lionesses have also had a “baby boom”, with the addition of eight little cubs joining the pride. But will the new mothers be able to keep them out of harm’s way?

The mighty North clan of Hyena is facing a shift in the hierarchy as Waffles begins to lose her position as Queen. Only time will tell if Waffles has the strength to reclaim her title.

 Tune in to SafariLIVE on SABC 3 every Sunday to follow the lives of these famous predator characters.

What: SafariLIVE on SABC 3

Where and when: SABC3 from 7 April 2019 at 6.30pm