SILKWORM. Conceived and directed by Jenine Collocott. Written by Jenine Collocott and Taryn Bennett. Performed by Taryn Bennett. Presented by Contagious Theatre.


Silkworm is 100% my imaginary cup of tea. This is a one person show that is totally original, quirky and delightful, charming and mad, and incredibly moving and heart wrenching. And it is all because of Taryn Bennett.


I can’t tell you the story of Silkworm, but it has to do with silkworms, and favourite things, and sex, and facts, and Dirty Dancing, and the beach, and an amazing tree. It has to do with caring about things, and loving things and imagination and connection.

I can’t tell you what Georgina Aroura, the character, is, but I can tell you how she made me feel. I was tickled, amused, delighted and moved. I ate an imaginary hummus sandwich. I cried. I laughed out loud and I loved. She has a funny voice. A weird turn of phrase. Imagine Amelie, but not boring. She has a kooky sexy body and a Mary Poppins wonder. I can tell you that I fell in love with Georgina Aroura.

Nobody but Taryn Bennett could pull off this hour-long non-stop flight through imagination, and improvisation, and emotion. Her grip on her material is tight and her work with her set and props is perfectly timed, but it is in her interaction with her audience where deeply original magic is created, spun like a cocoon and then wrapped around us.

Once we are in we feel everything.

Silkworm is magical theatre, and Taryn Bennett, and her unbelievable arms and hands need to be seen. Fish hands, tree arms, silk moth fingers.

This is my kind of live theatrical magic. Go. See for yourself.

What: Silkworm

Where and when: Alexander Bar until 18 May 2019

Book: Here