Vikram takes the title role in Tamil movie Sketch with Tamannaah
Vikram takes the title role in Tamil movie Sketch with Tamannaah

Tamil-language film Sketch screens as part of the SABC 3 Bollywood Festival. You can watch Sketch on Sunday, 9 June at 2.30pm on SABC 3.

Indian cinema has an affinity for everyday protagonists, and a man who many would love to hate becomes the unlikely hero of the Sketch movie.

Multi-award winning actor Chiyaan Vikram takes the title role in Sketch, which tells the story of a tow-truck driver who specialises in repossessing vehicles with unpaid hire-purchase instalments.

Action masala movie

Despite this, the audience comes to like him, as does Ammu (played by Tamannaah) a young woman he first encounters while impounding a scooter belonging to her friend. Their next meeting is no more auspicious, as he bumps into her while trying to protect her from being groped on a bus.

After the false starts to their relationship, she comes to realise that his heart is in the right place, but that he also has enemies and rivals who are keen to take over the repossession business. The plot thickens, friends of Sketch begin to die and he has to fight for his livelihood and his life.

Vikram delivers a solid performance, interspersed with his signature energetic fight sequences – and this action masala movie makes for entertaining viewing.

Noted composer S Thaman composed the songs and background music with Vikram performing vocals on Kannave Kannave The Swaga Song.

The Sketch movie cast includes VikramTamannaah Bhatia, Sriman, Soori,  Vishwanath   and Vela Ramamoorthy.

So, when will Sketch be screened on SABC 3 –  Sunday, 9 June at 2.30pm.

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