Every living being is born equal. Award-winning choreographer, Sbonakaliso Ndaba, takes this value learnt in her childhood at the family home and on countless laps in the village and portrays, in a confrontational and dynamic series of intertwining relationships, how it can all go so horribly wrong.

Indoni Dance, Arts & Leadership Academy

Abakhulu – The Great Ones is a moving essay examining how youth interpret the ancient wisdom of respect, handed down during initiation to each and every traveller setting off on their journey to adulthood.

Initiation in the past was a lengthy, slow and thorough process. The modern fast-tracked initiation is too short. Youth emerge from this rite of passage without an innate sense of equality, without respect for women, respect for gay people, indeed respect for all that live!  Questions are asked of The Great Ones. What is now the reason for the initiation? It no longer fulfils the passing down of equality as an overarching value to the youth; nor the understanding that no one is superior, and that sheer physicality does not prove masculinity.

All breathe as one

The traditional African worldview, that we are not separate, but all breathe as one and entitled to equal respect, is now only the vision of the few.

For the dancers of Indoni this theme is an exciting catalyst that challenges their versatility with rare portrayals of gentle and supportive partnerships followed by overwhelming displays of power and strength.

Sbonakaliso Ndaba, the Artistic Director of the Academy, is recognised as a leading contemporary African choreographer and teacher. She was the winner of the Western Cape Cultural Affairs Award in 2016 for Best Contribution to Performing Arts: Dance and in 2017 for Outstanding Achievement of Youth in Arts and Culture.

Indoni Dance, Arts & Leadership Academy

 About Indoni

Performance and creative arts are powerful tools for healing and transformation. The vision of the Indoni Dance, Arts & Leadership Academy is to provide a space of excellence in dance and integrated arts, for talented school graduates who are without the financial means to go into higher learning.

Now celebrating four successful years, this three year post-school professional training programme for dance and integrated arts, including music, drama, and visual art, aims to liberate the talent and creativity of our youth.

With the mission statement of “Investing in our Youth”, the Academy seeks to promote the arts as a channel for economic, personal and professional development rekindling hope, and providing dignity and life skills to young people. Each student is empowered to become a creative collaborator in their own productive future.

What: Abakhulu – The Great Ones

Where and when: Artscape Theatre on 3 June 2018 at 3pm and 6pm

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