Marri’s humorous, unsettling practice consists of silent interviews and ephemeral installations

The Consulate of Italy in Cape Town is staging their first cultural event of the year –a contemporary art exhibition, titled Misperceive, by Italian artist Girolamo Marri. Now, for the second year in a row, the Consulate of Italy is partnering with Capo d’Arte (an Italian non-profit organization promoting contemporary art) and the Cape Town Art Fair, to bring to Cape Town cutting-edge Italian art, in an atmosphere of “relaxed, yet sophisticated fun”.

Repeating the format they established last year with Altrove, Soundwalk Collective (a sound-art exhibition that opened at the District Six Museum after the vernissage of the CTAF), Misperceive opens on February 16 at 9pm, immediately after the VIP vernissage of the fair. In the words of Marri, Misperceive is “an invitation to willfully alter the way we perceive a reality we cannot fully grasp”.

Each of the works presented (including the opening night performance in collaboration with musician Alessandro Gigli, made of layers of incomprehension, sonic improvisations, retina conditions, speed translating and calligraphy) in one way or another postulates that if nothing is ever what it seems, then detachment is not cynicism and irony is not superficiality”.

The aim is for the opening of Misperceive to become the place where the local and international fair-goers will end their first day at the fair: an artsy after party!
In fact not only your mind will be fed: you’ll also ​find yummy treats from Honest Chocolate and flowing MCC kindly sponsored by Krone, plus the familiar little truck selling freshly baked pizza outside!

The opening of Misperceive takes place Thursday, February 16, at 9pm till late, at the former Commune 1 spaces, in 64 Wale Street, City centre. Then the exhibition will run on Feb 17-18 (5pm – midnight) and 19 February (5pm – 8pm). The space is behind Honest Chocolate and just besides the Gin Bar, which will become the official ‘night hub’ of the fair.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

What’s the art all about?

Misperceive stems from concepts as abstruse as the observer effect in particle physics, or the process philosophy of Buddhism and Taoism, and from the common wisdom of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

This invitation to welcome self-deception is mumbled through all works on display, never taking a real physical shape or political direction. All works harmoniously lack content except for their very structure and presence, and viewers are welcome to appropriate any idea that may or may not reverberate through jokes, noise, mistakes and nonsense. Through a performative research Marri combines the collection, production and alteration of images, objects, sounds, texts and spaces, trying in his practice to portray and influence reality in light of the assumption that humankind evolves through mistake.

His humorous, yet unsettling practice consists of talks that never begin, silent interviews where no questions are asked or answers given; cognitive maps meant to be forever updated and instructions meant to be incomprehensible; ephemeral installations, late night radio shows, and all sorts of disquieting interactions with audiences and passers-by.

His work has been exhibited in private and public institutions, including firstsite, the Showroom and Matt’s Gallery in the UK, Zendai MOMA, the Shanghai Gallery of Art and BANK in China, at NASA/ Smart Project Space in the Netherlands and Pierogi Gallery in the USA.

What: An exhibition of works by Girolamo Marri
Curated by: Capo d’Arte
Presented by: Consulate of Ital, Cape Town for 2017 Cape Town Art Fair
When: February 16-19, 2017
Where: 64 Wale Street, Cape Town
Cape Town Art Fair: