Bambi Kellerman brings her latest show, Never Too Naked, to the Alexander Bar for some Teutonic-boere bedroom stories.

Bambi Kellerman: Never Too NakedBambi Kellermann is Evita Bezuidenhout’s sister – and that’s where the family ties end. Whereas Tannie Evita is still the most famous white woman in South Africa, Bambi became a grand horizontal of the northern hemisphere and a super-stripper.

Never Too Naked features the little boeremeisie from Bethlehem in the Orange Free State, who found herself in Vienna in the late 1950s. Very soon the sweet, conservative, religious virgin made way for a sophisticated, funny and powerful woman who could fight the world with irony, humour and balls.

Her conversation is not for the weak-hearted – and as she says: “Bring your own condoms of prejudice and fear. You have been warned. Now lie back and enjoy it.”

Bambi Kellerman: The book

Bambi Kellerman has actually published her autobiography, also titled Never Too Naked. In it, she details how she married a Nazi and became a stripper on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn.

The book traces Bambi’s journey from the Free State to Europe, the USA, South America, and back to a democratic South Africa. On the way she meets The Beatles in Hamburg, travels with Hemingway in Spain, rubs shoulders with Marlene Dietrich and Ava Gardner, sups with Paraguay’s dictator General Stroessner, and of course engages with her sister Evita. (Pieter-Dirk Uys does not seem to mentioned, funnily enough!) Peopled with showgirls and film stars, Nazi hunters and secret agents, this is an outrageous and hilarious tale.

Oh, and Bambi is the one who gives The Beatles their distinctive haircuts, and advises John F. Kennedy when he wants to know how to say: “I am a Berliner”.

What: Bambi Kellerman Never Too Naked

Where and when: Alexander Bar from 11 to 12 April 2019

Book: Here