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The Cape Town Buskers Festival returns to the V&A Waterfront Cape Town from 1 to 11 November, 2018 with an entertaining dose of comedy, physical theatre, dance, music and all-round crowd-stopping talent as buskers from the international festival circuit join local performers in a celebration of the free-wheeling street art.

Presented by the Cape Town Fringe and V&A Waterfront, the programme sees performers taking up their turf at outdoor venues and amphitheaters at the busy attraction.

Cape Town Buskers festival 2018 V&A Waterfront

Unexpected treats

A family-friendly event, The Cape Town Buskers Festival is now in its third year. Previous editions have showcased acts such as a chainsaw juggling monocyclist from Europe, a politically incorrect comedian from Canada, a plastic bucket one-man-band from Spain and a silent mime from Argentina.

The local talent matches up with soccer styling stars, unexpected musical virtuosos, riel dancers, acrobatic actors and more.

Live auditions for the 2018 Cape Town Buskers Festival are being held at the V&A Waterfront amphitheatre on 13 and 15 September. Those who are unable to attend in person can submit a Youtube link of their act. Performers interested in participating should complete the application form: capetownfringe.co.za/buskers. Applications close on 1 October. For more information, performers can email buskers@ctbuskersfestival.co.za

Khaylitsha Mombasa
Khaylitsha Mombasa

Cape Town Fringe CEO Tony Lankester said the Cape Town Buskers Festival is an excellent opportunity to show how the performing arts can become a realistic and sustainable self-employment option. “By working hard on their acts and studying crowd and audience dynamics, buskers can earn a decent living and even travel the world,” he said. “We salute the V&A Waterfront for their ongoing support of these performers by providing a space for them to work and for recognising their art as an entrepreneurial opportunity.”

The Buskers Festival is a project of the Cape Town Fringe and the V&A Waterfront.

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