AN EVENING WITH LOLA.  With Bianca Flanders, directed by Iman Isaacs, accompanied by Matt Vorster.


You only have a few chances to see this show at the Alexander Bar and Theatre and if I was you I wouldn’t miss it for anything. An Evening with Lola is like ice cream on a hot day, like a sea breeze, like a dance in the rain, like the best romantic comedy; in a sixty minute one woman-cabaret.

The set is suitably diva lounge bar and perfect for the appearance of the accompanist Matt Vorster and the gorgeous, glamorous Lola, who belts, croons, vibes and talks kak in the best possible, most enjoyable way.

'My Name is Lola'

From the moment Bianca gets onto stage to her final pose as the lights went down there was a permanent grin on my face. The only time that changed was when I cackled with laughter, which was actually, quite a lot.

The gangster, the prostitute and the maid

Lola is a struggling actress in Cape Town, and she has more than her fair share of troubles, being coloured. She is sick of playing the gangster, prostitute and maid parts, and is tired of being referred to as a shade of coffee. She has harriet (hair) issues, and family issues, and men; well, dating the director didn’t go down that great.

Except for two covers, Bianca has penned the songs herself and they range from utterly hilarious, through to mesmerisingly beautiful and even quite sad and maudlin (it all suits the character perfectly). (Director) Iman Isaacs told me they had conceived of and workshopped the piece while on their respective couches as out of work actresses, and as a performer myself I can completely confirm its authenticity. But there is no indulgence here. It is far too funny for that.

Bianca, with her sultry moves, smoky eyes, huge hair and sexy red cat suit channels a young Eartha Kitt. She is that good. And her voice is versatile, warm, cheeky, and amazing.

Writing this is reminding me how much fun I had, and I am already trying to figure out if I can see it again.

What: An Evening with Lola

Where and when: Alexander Bar and Theatre until July 15

Book: Alexander Upstairs