Through the month of November, 99 Loop will be exhibiting solo shows by three intriguing female artists, working in a variety of forms, from embroidery and soft sculpture, to surrealist imagery, cut up rejected paintings and sound pieces.

99 Loop Gallery

Nina Torr (with Allen Laing): 25 October  – 25 November

The strange figures in Torr’s intimately-scaled paintings journey across desolate landscapes, under dark skies. These undefined, liminal spaces function as internal landscapes, with the creatures serving as figurations of the roles we play, and our relationships. Torr plays off work by fellow Pretoria-based artist Allen Laing, whose ritualistic sculptural inventions explore ways in which we can respond to and reflect on the daily struggles we face, as we interact with our environments.

 Ilené Bothma: 25 October  – 25 November

In her upcoming solo exhibition at 99 Loop, Cape Town-based Ilené Bothma celebrates what she calls a “weird marriage” – between the artistic and domestic self, between fine art and craft materials, and between critical distance and emotional experience. This collection of paintings, soft sculptures and installation pieces is a continuation of Bothma’s previous work, which deals with issues of female and domestic relationships, through an uncanny distortion of the familiar and comfortable.

99 Loop Gallery

Anastasia Pather: 2 November – 25 November

Pather lives and works in Johannesburg as a finger painter and a female. She is interested in materiality, value, rejection, petty politics and production. This new body of work interrogates how we view life through rose-tinted glasses. Pather is at times a quiet performance painter, partially voyeuristic and entirely hedonistic in her process.

Where: 99 Loop, 99 Loops Street, Cape Town from 25 October to 25 November