One of the cream of the crop of South African guitarists/instrumentalists, the internationally acclaimed Guy Buttery, is embarking on a national tour kicking off at Makhanda’s National Arts Festival on 29 June, 2022 – he’ll appear along with Mohd Amjad Khan and Mudassir Khan. While Buttery’s live performances continue to win over many fans, this year’s tour promises something extraordinary.

Growing up in Durban Guy became intrigued by the exotic rhythms and melodies emanating from Hindu temples, and as a teen journeying through India he became veritably fascinated by Indian Classical music. Following a long convalescence after an undiagnosed malady around 2016 he returned to India in 2019 on invitation for an extensive solo tour.

Mohd. Amjad Khan tabla. Picture Alisha Chatterjee
Mohd Amjad Khan tabla. Picture Alisha Chatterjee

Tabla and sarangi

During said tour he was keen to jam with local Indian Classical virtuosos and fate led him to master players Mohd Amjad Khan (on tabla) and Mudassir Khan (playing the notoriously difficult-to-master instrument, the sarangi).

The resulting, mostly improvised session was so mutually inspiring they immediately went about finding a recording studio to record what would become the album One Morning in Gurgaon. Recalls Mohd. Amjad Khan: “After (the recording) Guy took the musical data back to South Africa where he had it mixed and mastered and what came out was, in my opinion, a masterpiece.”

The impromptu album, moving between funky, upbeat tracks to pure Indian Classical music, subsequently met rave reviews, being listed in the Album of The Year category by NPR and charting at #10 on the World Music Charts in Europe.

Mohd. Amjad Khan, Guy Buttery, Mudassir Khan. Picture Yatin Khatri
Mohd. Amjad Khan, Guy Buttery, Mudassir Khan. Picture Yatin Khatri

Anticipating the national tour, Guy admits: “(I) have literally been doing jumping jacks at the thought that we get to do it all over again here in SA.”

The hugely promising tour will kick off with three gigs at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda, and move from there to Cape Town’s The Slave Church, the ever-cozy Olympia Bakery in Kalk Bay, and then to Durban and Gauteng’s Cradle of Humankind.

Not to be missed!

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Who: Guy Buttery, Mohd Amjad Khan, Mudassir Khan
Where: Cape Town – Slave Church, Olympia Bakery; Makhanda – NAF