I don’t go to enough live music but when I saw that Jitsvinger and Fruit Vendor were sharing a bill at the Alma Café I couldn’t resist.


Of course, the Alma Café is a Cape Town institution. Its hosts provide an intimate venue with food, and two sets separated by dessert. But it is a music venue first and foremost, with great sound and deference to the talents of musicians. More and more I am a reluctant “dinner theatre” person – being vegan has meant mediocre food at non-vegan prices, so weopted not to eat, which was possible last night. I was introducing my Jozi brother to these artists for his first time and it was the most memorable, original, inspirational evening of music and words.

Jitsvinger was up first with his vinnig, sexy, word magic. He had two guest artists who came up to join him (both brilliant) and he borrowed a Tom from the audience to keep the beat. It was delicious. I fall hard for him and his whole everything.  Jitsvinger is mercurial, charming, witty, and adorable.

Then it was the turn of Fruit Vendor, a three-piece band with Josh Prinsloo on keyboard and vocals, the most gorgeous drummer, and the cutest and brilliant bass guitarist. I love them.  A lot. Original, quirky, funny and super skilled, this trio put huge grins on our faces which stayed there throughout their set. (My brother was particularly impressed when their only cover was a rendition of Matisyahu’s King Without a Crown.)

What an amazing, gesellig, inspirational and funny time. What a great audience, who sang along and knew the words, and what great live entertainment. I left with a heart full of love.

What: Jitsvinger and Fruit Vendor

Where: Alma Café, Rosebank