Modorenai: Review at Theatre Arts MODORENAI. Choreographed and directed by Rafé Green. Performed by Darion Adams and Crystal Finck. Theatre Arts.


How happy am I? I have just come back from my second live theatre experience in less than a week. I witnessed an FDR of Modorenai which opens officially this week for a five show run, because it can only be witnessed by 15 people at a time and it is going to be sold out, so hurry!

The programme note says this about the piece. “Modorenai, a Japanese word that translates as ‘we cannot return’ explores different states of mind around touch and finding ways to come to terms with the enforced distance placed between people.”

Again, we entered the Theatre Arts one by one, sanitised, took off our shoes and were ushered to our seats. The space was beautifully, theatrically dark with a single light on a massive pile of red, pink and white petals in the centre. Then the lights exposed two still, almost bare male and female bodies; breathing but held, before the piece began.

Beautiful and moving

Modorenai is a whimsical, sad dance duet, and it is very beautiful, moving and strangely, achingly sad. I do not have a big vocabulary for dance, but I can say that I was engaged by these two beautifully in-touch human bodies, and I totally felt the extraordinary longing they had for physical connection. This works sits very definitively as a response to Covid-19 and social distancing, and it explores the challenges of lack of contact with others, and endless contact with self, in a profound way.

This second piece in the season is totally different from the first, although elements and themes are common. The single strongest thought I have is that we are all in this together, only 2mApart.

Watch this space. A new work, Cwaka, opens next week.

What: Modorenai

Where and when: Theatre Arts, Observatory from Wednesday 14 to Sunday 18 October 2020 at 7pm

Book: Theatre Arts

More info: Creating Theatre in the age of Corona

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