Fasten your seatbelts as the countdown begins to the first Mother City Comedy Festival which will take place at the Baxter from 19 to 31 March 2019.

Celebrating stand-up comedy and the artists who present them, the Mother City Comedy Festival will showcase a full spectrum of different comedic styles.

Stuart Taylor: ‘Funny You Should Say That’

With two shows daily, the Mother City Comedy Festival promises to get audiences up close and personal with their favourite comedians while introducing them to some of the country’s most exciting upcoming talents. Comedy lovers will be spoilt for choice during this inaugural festival of funniness, produced by Siv Ngesi, in collaboration with Taylor Made Productions.

Ensemble slots, two-handers, solo shows

“The local stand-up comedy circuit has grown at a rapid rate, which has given rise to some hilarious household names, as well as stars of film and television. A host of local stars will present new work at the festival, along with one (or two) surprise international artists,” says co-producer Siv Ngesi. “Audiences will have the chance to feast on ensemble shows, two-handers and solo offerings, ensured to cater for all comedy tastes.”

“This is a truly a festival for comedy connoisseurs, focusing on stand-up comedy only and celebrating all the different styles within that genre,” says co-producer Stuart Taylor (pictured left).  “We will present predominately South African artists while providing newer artists with the platform to perform their work at a mainstream venue, something which is often costly for them to do.”

The line up for the Mother City Comedy Festival is:

Tue 19 MARCH 19:30 Things I Thinked Of Yaseen Barnes
20:45 Jokes in Progress Dalin Oliver
Wed 20 19:30 City Boy Kurt Langeveld
20:45 Newly Wed Liam Bento
Thur 21 19:30 Siya Seya Live Siya Seya
20:45 Vernac Night TBC
Fri 22 19:30 The Phil Spectrum Phil Delange
20:45 Just Me(L) Mel Jones
Sat 23 18:00 Weber or not Carl Weber
19:30 KG Mokgadi Live Kagiso ‘KG’ Mokgadi
20:45 Not a nice guy Riaad Moosa
Sun 24 18:00 Not Famous Jem Atkins
19:30 Frizz Pop Lindy Johnson / Kate Pinchuck
20:45 Again! Rob Van Vuuren
Tue 26 19:30 Lazola Gola Live Lazola Gola
20:45 Comedian Rhapsody Gino/ Kenwyn/ Stuart Cairns/ Milo
Wed 27 19:30 Suburban Struggle C J Benson
20:45 Donovan Goliath Live Donovan Goliath
Thur 28 19:30 Jason Goliath Live Jason Goliath
20:45 Divas Kurt Schoonraad/ Stuart Taylor
Fri 29 19:30 Love and other Jokes Simmi Arieff
20:45 In Living Coloureds Donovan / Jason / Nicholas
Sat 30 18:00 Keenan & Al Altaaf Sayed / Keenan Cerff
19:30 Devils Advocate Angel Campey
20:45 Day Zero Carl/Dalin/KG/Yaseen
Sun 31 18:00 30-Something Shimmy Isaacs
19:30 A night with Alfred Adriaan Alfred Adriaan
20:45 Day Zero Carl/Dalin/KG/Yaseen

What: Mother City Comedy Festival

Where and when: Baxter Theatre from 19 to 31 March 2019

Book: Webtickets