In a dystopian South Africa, even the superheroes are dysfunctional. When friends, colleagues and family come together to mourn and remember slain Superhero Eskombuso, we find out more about them too. Confession Sessions is hilarious, moving, and scarily familiar; an original, contemporary, mocumentary-style theatre piece.

'Confession Sessions'

There’s Butterfly Effect; secret superhero and fame-shy, who lives on Long Street and changes small things, one at time. Searching for meaning is Memoir, the superhero who restores memory to those who need it, but has no memories of his own. Rasta is the universal, superhuman chill pill, who can diffuse any situation and restore peace and harmony, but his powers don’t work on the authorities. And then there is Sidekick Si, not a superhero in his own right, but a professional and passionate, and currently out of a permanent gig as a superhero’s sidekick. Through a series of scenes and monologues we find out more about these troubled superheroes and what makes them tick.

About the show

Confession Sessions was devised by the cast, under the supervision of Megan Furniss, for their AFDA Honours in Live Performance production. After an exciting premier at the brand new AFDA venue, 228 on Lower Main, it was given the green light to go to Grahamstown as the AFDA student production, where it delighted audiences and received excellent feedback from the judges. It then had two sold out performances at the student showcase at UCT. Mel Mwevi, Rendani Mufamadi, Motheo Madisa and Trent Rowe all graduated at the end of last year and have begun launching exciting careers in the industry, but each one of them wanted to present Confession Sessions again, this time in the professional space. “We are so excited to be doing this at the Alexander Theatre,” says Megan Furniss. “It is the perfect venue for this funny, edgy and off-the-wall, fresh theatre piece.”

'Confession Sessions'

About the team

Megan Furniss is a performer, playwright, director and improviser, as well as a reluctant teacher, avid blogger, reviewer and big mouth.

Mel Mwevi is first and foremost a storyteller. She uses acting (stage and screen), singing, songwriting, spoken word/poetry, clothing and jewelry design, and painting/drawing to tell stories the best way she knows how. Having recently completed her Honours degree in Live Performance, and returned back to South Africa from a six month Euro-trip, this will be her second professional theatre production ever.

Motheo Madisa is a 23 year-old actor actor originally from Botswana but based in Cape Town. Trained at AFDA in live performance, Motheo has gone on to be nominated for two Fleur du Cap awards this year for his role as Enoch in Cattle Drive, which also won a Standard Bank Ovation award at this year’s National Arts Festival. This year he has been involved in Theatre for Africa productions such as Kwamanzi and Raiders of the Caribbean at the NAF.

Rendani Mufumadi is a humble and vibrant young man whose ultimate goal in life is to bring joy to people. In 2013, Rendani left his hometown of Durban in pursuit of a career in the performing arts. He completed his studies at AFDA Cape Town, with an Honours degree in Live Performance, trained by some of the best theatre and film-acting practitioners in the country. Rendani has performed as a comedian, and performed and hosted on various platforms with other well-known local comedians and artists.  Apart from his acting abilities and accolades, Rendani is also a choreographer and musician. Rendani lives by the words spoken to him by his father: “Don’t see yourself where you are but rather where you can be.”

'Confession Sessions'

Trent Rowe was born and raised in Johannesburg. He studied at AFDA, doing his first year of studies in Johannesburg then moving to Cape Town to continue. Trent graduated with an Honours Degree in Live Performance in 2016. Trent made his professional debut on stage in September 2016 for the play The Exonerated directed by Lara Bye. Trent was also cast in the Netflix American film The Kissing Booth set to be released in 2018. Trent has just finished a successful run of Buried Child directed by Chris Weare. Trent has experience not only on stage but behind the scenes working as a stage manager. Trent aspires to create work for queer artists and queer-themed stories.

What: Confession Sessions

Where and when: Alexander Bar on 2 – 4 November and 9 – 11 November

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