Potte is a fabby new collaboration between hip hop artist Early B, rap legend Jack Parow and producer Justin Vega.

Popular acclaimed hip hop artist from Port Elizabeth, Early B, has made big waves in the music industry over the past few months with his witty lyrics and music, which have delivered a number of radio hits including his most recent success story, Ben Ten. The single featured on the charts of several radio stations, and its hilarious music video has also had more than 250 000 views on YouTube.

Now the talented musician is back with a brand new single, Potte, a collaboration with award-winning rap legend Jack Parow and producer Justin Vega, is an insane combination of rap lyrics and club beats.

“It’s actually just a fun song. I like to imitate people and PE, when guys see a girls with a great body, they say it exactly like I sing it in the chorus: ‘Daai kind het potte, whuh’. It has become such a popular saying in the area that even children use it,” explains B. “I wanted to do something light and refreshing with the awesome beat that Justin created. Everyone needs to cut lose sometimes and have a good laugh. There are very serious songs on my new album and we needed to establish an equilibrium by adding some more upbeat tracks.”

Potte: Early B and Jack Parow

According to the musician, he and Jack Parow each wrote the lyrics for their parts in the song, which challenged them both to step out of their comfort zones. About the opportunity to work with big names like Jack Parow and Justin Vega, he says: “Jack Parow is someone I have always admired. His creativity is incredible and he is a wonderful business man. We have made music together before and worked together well. I met Justin at an Emo Adams show and we immediately hit it off. I invited him for a braai and he played me some of his beats. When I heard this one, it stuck with me. He truly produces rhythms that are of international standard.”

Early B and Jack Parow

Early B, aka Earl Swartz, is a versatile rapper known for his witty sense of humour and heartfelt social commentary. The artist has become a regular performer at some of the country’s biggest festivals and concerts over the past nine years, including the KKNK. As an actor, he also made appearances in local series, such as Hotel Songololo en Kniediep in Kookwater. He is best-known for his hit, Cerebellum, for which he received a Ghoema Music Award for Best Hip Hop Song in 2017. The song also peaked at number 1 on the Hip Hop charts of various big radio stations.

Jack ParowMulti award-winning rapper and songwriter, Jack Parow (aka Zander Tyler), shot to fame in 2009 after releasing his debut hit single, Cooler as Ekke, which took the country’s music industry by storm. He has had various successful albums and hits, won several coveted music awards and recently also launched his own brandy label, Parow Brandy.

Justin Vega

DJ Justin Vega is a music producer from the Cape, who shares his passion for music with the world by combining different beats and genres in a new and refreshing way. He is a seasoned musician and Jazz enthusiast who is equally comfortable behind the piano and drums as he is behind the mixer and computer.

What: Potte is a track taken from Early B’s debut album, Aangename Kennis

Buy the album here: https://itunes.apple.com/za/album/aangename-kennis/1413822537