André van Vuuren's studios in the Riebeek Valley
André van Vuuren’s Riebeek Valley studio

Riebeek Valley Solo Studios returns for the third year from Thursday 9 to 12 August, 2018. Art lovers, seasoned art collectors and those just starting their art collections can enjoy this bespoke art experience, which attracts hundreds of art aficionados and provides a rare opportunity to visit artists in their studios to view and purchase their art straight off the easel.

Art on offer ranges from highly collectable pricier originals to smaller, more affordable art works, prints, and offshoot items. So there is something for all budgets.

This third Riebeek Valley Solo Studios now follows the success of the inaugural 2016 event. The participating artists will open their homes and studios to a limited number of visitors over the weekend.

Riaan van Zyl, News 2018. Oil, old car oil, anthracite, charcoal and pastel on canvas
Riaan van Zyl, News 2018. Old car oil, anthracite, charcoal, pastel on canvas

Riebeek Valley artists

This year’s event features 16 top artists, all of whom call the Riebeek Valley home. These artists include Tamlin Blake, Claudia Gurwitz, Jenny Parsons, Antoinette von Saurma, Leila Fanner, Ivan Kirstein, Louisa Gerryts, Gordon Williams, Solly Smook, Andre van Vuuren, Tanya Majo, Riaan van Zyl, Raymond Oberholzer, Greta McMahon, Wiehan de Jager and Emma Willemse.

New Solo Studios additions

Building on the unique offerings of previous years, Solo Studios 2018 will include some exciting additions such The Art of Wine.  Curated by Joseph Tongai Dhafana, one of South Africa’s leading sommeliers and a rising star in the world of wine. This event sees a unique collaboration between the Solo Studios artists and a boutique wine producer.

“Joseph started out as a wine steward in Riebeek Kasteel, and has since developed an illustrious career in the wine industry, representing Team Zimbabwe in the recent World Wine Tasting Championships in Burgundy, France,” explains Klaus Piprek, organiser and overall driving force behind Solo Studios. “The Solo Sessions will see a select group of musicians coming together to entertain visitors throughout the weekend with ad-hoc performances and jam sessions”

Group Exhibitions

Galleries, pop-up group exhibitions and cultural collaborations that are also participating in Solo Studios, and which will be open for the entire weekend are RK Contemporary, The Gallery, The Royal Gallery, The Collaborate and Pictorex Print Studio.

Visitors are also encouraged to get a taste of village life. “Visitors are encouraged to stay in the Valley over the entire weekend of Solo Studios, during which time they can directly engage with the participating artists in their personal workspaces, admire the group exhibitions in the galleries, and experience everything else that the valley has to offer,”

“Solo Studios was conceptualised to be an intimate, personal and exclusive art encounter that allows people the rare opportunity to meet these highly talented artists ‘at the coal face’ so to speak,” explains Piprek. “Solo Studios is not another Arts Festival. You will not find a flea market or beer tents at Solo Studios, for example. We are welcoming visitors to experience our village life as it normally exists, but with just a little extra zing, and of course the very rare opportunity to enter the personal realm of our colony of acclaimed artists. The 2018 event takes place over an extended long weekend, Thursday 9 August being Women’s Day.

Riaan van zyl Silencio 2018. Old car oil, oil, pastel, anthracite & charcoal on canvas
Riaan van Zyl, Silencio 2018. Old car oil, oil, pastel, anthracite and charcoal on canvas

Wine, olive products, craft beer, cuisine

“The Riebeek Valley has so much to offer to visitors over the weekend which allows them to experience the excellent local wines, olive products, craft beers, cuisine, freshly roasted coffee, superb hospitality and top-notch entertainment which the Valley has become famous for.”

Tickets for the event come in a variety of options. The Premier Weekend Pass includes the option of a guided walkabout of select studios, access to the official opening cocktail event, a breakfast talk by Jacques Pauw, and access to all participating studios and group exhibitions. A Weekend Pass, and Day Passes for the Saturday or Sunday respectively allows access to all participating studios and group exhibitions. An additional cover charge will be applicable at select entertainment venues.

What: Riebeek Valley Solo Studios art, Cape, South Africa
When: 9 to 12 August, 2018
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