Samphiwa Halana, 9, entrepreneur and philanthropist - Soda Bloc Kids Unexpected Youth kids talent search competition
Samphiwa Halana, 9, entrepreneur and philanthropist

The  SODA Bloc Unexpected Youth competition is a campaign that’s inviting kids of 16 years, and under to share something amazing about themselves. They stand a chance of winning up to R60 000 to further develop their talent.

So kids – can you beatbox and sing the national anthem at the same time? Or have you invented a surfboard for dogs, or are maybe you low-key saving the world? If so, then click here to enter!

SODA Bloc youth

SODA Bloc prides themselves on being the agency for youth. “Where kids are given the platform to colour in the future as they see it. For kids to be themselves and to be young – essentially to ‘BE YOUth’”.

SODA Bloc launched their winter range online and in-store in March 2019. This season the campaign message is around Unexpected Youth and they are showcasing four unique kids from Africa with incredible talent – Zulaika Patel – an activist, Michelle Nkameleng – the youngest author in Africa, Sibahle Zwane – the human calculator and Samphiwa Halala – the philanthropist.

This isn’t about what can kids can be, it’s about what they are. “They are writers, thinkers, activists. They are not tomorrow, they are today. When the real youth of today are truly themselves, the results are mind blowing and unexpected. Boundaries are pushed, rules are broken. With the launch of the new campaign it’s a redefining of what the youth of today are capable of – of taking impossible… to I’m possible.”

Here’s to the geniuses, the artists, the leaders, the carers, the dreamers and the ones who prove the world wrong. The little ones with big dreams, the leaders who stand tall, the young beyond their years, the unexpected youth.

Learn more about SODA Bloc Unexpected Youth campaign competition:

SODA Bloc competition

Online submissions close on 11 May. Winners are announced 27 May 2019. Remember Under 16s only. Ts & Cs apply, view them here.

Between 6 April and 5 May 2019 Soda Bloc is hosting events in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, where you can go and show your talent and enjoy pizza, doughnuts and other surprises.

What: SODA Bloc Unexpected Youth competition
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Online: Facebook: @SodaBloc, Instagram:@SodaBloc
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