The latest edition of the wildly popular Offbeat Broadway is back at the Theatre on the Bay, this time with the theme Behaving Badly.

Offbeat Broadway

Offbeat Broadway 5 takes an insane and irreverent romp through the world’s most loved and loathed musicals with the original cast of Anton Luitingh, Lindy Abromowitz and Paul du Toit all bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to murder a string of hit musicals.

Once again directed by SA funnyman Alan Committie, that most infamous of genres, musical theatre, gets overhauled with wicked harmonies and an irreverent sense of humour. A marriage of slick, high-energy entertainment and ball-grabbing commentary, the unique madness that is Offbeat Broadway has garnered a string of award nominations, plus packed houses and rave reviews.

The series sends up the best and worst of Broadway, using satire and serious skills to rip into the world’s best-loved (or loathed) musical productions. In their own words, they “‘re-hash and murder Broadway musicals from the Pacific’s rim to Qatar’s crotch”, and even manage to throw in a few genuinely poignant moments into the mix.

What: Offbeat Broadway 5: Behaving Badly

Where and when: Theatre on the Bay from 24 April to 11 May 2019

Book: Computicket