SOUTHERN RIGHTS AND WRONGS. 9th Storytelling event at the Jagger Lounge.

Southern Rights & Wrongs (SR&W)


I fell in love last night. Re-fell in love. Fell in love again. I fell in love with story, storytelling and storytellers. I was lucky enough to be part of a group of ten people who told five-minute stories to a packed audience of storytelling listeners and it was beautiful. So, this is a review of an event that I was both a participant in and audience for. How cool is that?

Alon Stern and Eitan Stern are the hosts and organisers of these events, and they emcee the evening, divided into two halves. The theme of the evening’s stories is chosen the event before, and last night’s stories had to do with The Kindness of Strangers. Each storyteller told their story of how they had been changed by the kindness of strangers, from nuns in the Himalayan Hills, to new next-door neighbours, to emergency service workers in a crisis, to a life changing whatsapp message from a stranger, to children making people feel visible. That is totally just an example, and by no means covers the range and detail of the beautiful stories told. The best part is that the stories were told by such different kinds of people; a town planner, a marketing somebody, a magazine journalist and lots of improvisers (myself included). The stories were interesting, personal, funny, entertaining and mostly moving. The storytellers included Sam Bendzulla, Lungelo Mzed Nkosi, Francis Chouler and me.

Responsive, active listeners

What was amazing to me was that there was a massive turnout for this event, and that the audience hung onto every word. They were responsive, active listeners who showed their appreciation by clicking their fingers, laughing out loud and applauding heartily at the end of each story. It was beautiful being in front of them and it was beautiful being part of them. Apparently, tickets for last night sold out in minutes!

So. (everybody’s story started with so last night). There is another live event on the 3rd of March. I don’t know when tickets will go on sale but best you follow Southern Rights and Wrongs on FB and Insta if you want to be there. And there is also a podcast where you can listen to the stories if you can’t be at the event. Viva storytelling and long live.

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