Southern Rights & Wrongs (SR&W)Southern Rights & Wrongs (SR&W) is a storytelling collective based in Cape Town. The SR&W team aims to create a platform to “celebrate the art and science of storytelling”.

The SR&W team hosts live storytelling events every six weeks. At the SR&W events 10 members of the community have the opportunity to share their stories on stage in front of a live audience. The events have been a huge hit so far, with tickets selling out in less than 10 minutes after going on sale.

Each event has a theme, and storytellers have to tell five-minute stories on that theme. The stories must be true, and a personal account of something that happened to the storyteller. We’re looking for stories rather than anecdotes, with the difference being that a good story includes events that lead to a meaningful change in the speaker’s life.

According to Alon Stern, one of the SR&W organizers, telling a good story is about building a connection between yourself and the audience. “You can only get so far with telling the audience about fun events from your life,” Alon says.  “What makes a story really great is when the storyteller engages with the question of why their story is meaningful to them. When a storyteller digs deep and shares something personal, that is when the magic really happens.”

Southern Rights & Wrongs (SR&W)

Local Cape Town flavour

In addition to the live event, Southern Rights & Wrongs produces a weekly podcast, playing top stories from the live events. Podcast hosts Alon Stern, Eitan Stern and Ma’or Harris then dissect the stories and comment on structural and stylistic features that make the stories great.

“I enjoy listening to the stories on the podcast after I’ve heard them being told live,” says Julia Savage, co-organiser of the SR&W. “Hearing the analysis on the podcast often makes me appreciate parts of the story that did not jump out at first. The best storytellers build a lot of depth into their stories that can be appreciated on a few different levels. The best stories are the stories that have been prepared well.”

The SR&W events was named in honor of the Southern Right whale that swims in the ocean off of Cape Town. Like the Southern Right whale, the SR&W stories are distinctly South African. While the SR&W event is partly inspired by The Moth storytelling events in New York, it is the local Cape Town flavour that makes the SR&W stories so interesting and unique.

What: Southern Rights & Wrongs (SR&W) storytelling event

Where and when: The Jagger Lounge, City on 3 February 2020

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