Local street art guides, Nadia Agherdine (pictured below) and Anthea Brock are preparing to take their tours to the next level with the use of audio tours to ensure accessibility for more locals.

Street art tour guides

Since the inauguration of the annual International Public Art Festival (IPAF) 2017, they have become the face of local street art tours in Salt River and their tours are now becoming increasingly popular.

After expressing deep interest in street art, BAZ-ART, the organizers of IPAF, extended the opportunity to register and qualify the women as official Western Cape tour guides. Which has “been the start of an incredible journey!” exclaimed Nadia.

“Being registered as an official Western Cape tour guide became the launch pad for a number of other initiatives” says Nadia. The tour guide qualification has been a stepping stone for her and led her to open spin-off businesses, which are related to authentic and responsible tourism, such as “The Cape Malay Luncheon” and her own tourism company “Kaytan Tours”.

Nadia who has recently returned from the States, boasted about her personal experience on a street art tour in Brooklyn, New York where with her knowledge of street art she could even assist her tour guide with details of Jack Fox, who has a mural in Salt River too.

Reaching more people

Anthea and Nadia are proud to be part of South Africa’s street art movement and are looking forward to reaching the masses with the new audio tours. Baz-Art not only provided them with the opportunity to earn an additional income but also to constructively shape the perception of public art in South Africa. With audio tours being much affordable, they look forward to breathing new life into the city and sharing the wonders of street art with more and more locals.

Street art tour guides

Nadia has since been featured in several local publications and celebrated for her street art involvement and the tours that she has led. Thanks to Nadia, Jeff, a tour patron from America, has reviewed the experience as “the most authentic experience of his entire stay.”

Anthea, out of earnest desire to share the power of Public Art with all those she meets, has started learning additional languages as to extend the tour to more and more interested tourists and locals alike.

Alongside the use of audio tours, the tour guide duo is to host ongoing exclusive guided tour for some of Cape Town’s most popular opinion leaders and content creators to compound the exposure of the experience, ensuring that more and more people know of and may experience the national open air street art gallery in Salt River.