The Furies Nasty Womxn
The Furies Nasty Womxn

The Furies are on a roll with showcases of Nasty Womxn at Cape Town’s Alexander Bar Upstairs Theatre from 19 to 31 August and at The Baxter Masambe Theatre from 16 to 22 September, 2019.

A writer with no filter

Nasty Womxn is what you get when you mix Greek mythology, reality TV, gold spray paint, and a writer with no filter. Drawing on the Greek mythologies of Persephone, Medusa, and other not-so-well-known characters, Nasty Womxn is a collection of sketches about contemporary womxn just trying to get from one day to the next.

This work by The Furies —a collective whose focus is creating space and increasing opportunities for marginalised womxn— plays with Greek mythology’s tendency to turn strong women into monsters, and celebrates all the different types of monsters we become to survive.

Greek mythology, the Kardashians

If you really love Greek mythology, the divas of WWE, or trashing other womxn, then this is probably not the play for you. But if you love the Kardashians, candid CNN interviews, gold (everywhere), spelling womxn with an ‘x’, and smashing the patriarchial rape culture-drenched mythological origin story, this might just be your cup of tea.

The Furies Nasty Womxn
The Furies Nasty Womxn

Written and directed by Dara Beth, Nasty Womxn stars Mamello Makhetha, Jaimie Davids, Robyn Paterson and Loren Loubser.

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What: Nasty Womxn
Where, when: Alexander Bar, 19 – 31 August, Baxter, 16 – 22 September 2019
Alexander Bar bookings: R90 online, R110 door
Baxter booking:, Webtickets. Tickets R110, discounts students, seniors
The Furies:,