Timeless Escape offers the opportunity to take part in the fun, thrills, and intrigue that live-action escape rooms offer –and enjoy a BYOC bar. In Timeless Escape, players will be locked in a room and must solve puzzles or find clues to unlock the exit door before the allotted time runs out.

Timeless Escape

A relatively new idea locally, the concept of live-action escape rooms originates from point-and-click puzzle computer games and brings these to life by immersing players in realistic situations. It’s the dream environment for those who love to solve a good puzzle and, as with any game, is always better when played in a team.

There are two main experiences which players can enjoy:

The Da Vincis Secret
On this journey of discovery, players – together with their team of antiquarian sleuths – will have 90 minutes to solve complex puzzles, uncover hidden secrets, and determine whether Da Vinci discovered the ultimate prize – the secret to eternal life.

The Spy Mission
A mole has stolen a list of agents’ names. The mission, if players choose to accept it, is to find out who the traitor is and recover the list. The only intel available is that the mole is selling the list to the highest bidder on the black market. Time is of the essence as the team only has one hour to track down the rogue agent.

Timeless Escape

BYOC bar

Visitors and players can relax and unwind at the Prohibition Lounge, South Africa’s only true Bring-Your-Own Cocktail (BYOC) bar where the bartenders can shake up something special using the spirits brought by the guests. The options are endless and guests are encouraged to use their imagination when bringing ingredients and choosing a cocktail. The more creative, the better, say the bartenders – so think out of the usual cocktail box when bringing.

Timeless Escape is a great adventure to share with family and friends, and the problem-solving nature of the games also make them ideal for corporate team-building.

What: Timeless Escape

Where: 6 Watson Street, Cape Town

Timeless Escape book: bookings@timelessescape.co.za

Timeless Escape Watson Street Cape Town: 081 587 3061