Sheila Chisholm

When Vox and Groot Constantia wines blend together, the outcome is ViniChoral. That’s a name coined by John Woodland, Vox’s founder and director, for a choral presentation to be held on 3 August at 7.30pm for 8pm in Groot Constantia Wine Cellar.

This, however is no ‘common or garden’ glass in one hand with background yodelling. This is a serious wine tasting event with 30 Vox singers singing carefully chosen music to complement the wines.

Vinichoral Vox Groote Constantia Wine Cellar Cape TownRodney Trudgeon – FMR

As if that combination isn’t a drawcard on its own, Rodney Trudgeon, South Africa and Fine Music Radio’s most illustrious music personality, is giving a rundown on the relevance of each wine and the chosen music.

Said Woodland, “putting the programme together has been fun. Tricky. But fun. Musically we had preconceived ideas about amalgamating early Renaissance Madrigals with a Sauvignon Blanc and polyphony sounds to match a complex blended wine. We were also looking at where to introduce Bruckner and Brahms motets before moving into lush contemporary music. There is such a broad music spectrum to select from – its taken time to marry our music’s bouquet to the wines bouquet.”

Bursting with exuberance Woodland continued, “Not only is ViniChoral a four way synergy its also a multi-sensory event, ie conversation, wine, singing and audience participation as well as engaging nose, tastebuds, eyes and of course ears”

John Woodland, Vox’s founder and director, Vinichoral Vox Groote Constantia Wine Cellar Cape Town
John Woodland, Vox’s founder

Groot Constantia’s wine cellar

Woodland glows when speaking about Groot Constantia’s wine cellar. “Obviously with a choral performance sound is important and the acoustics in the high ceilinged, cavernous cellar carry superbly. By placing the seating in a – sort of – horseshoe shape, and the choir in the middle we’re creating an intimate and connective atmosphere.”

A glass of sparkling wine will greet guests on arrival. Three red and three white wines are on offer for tasting. Snacks will be served. On such a special occasion, guests are asked to please dress smart-casual

What: ViniChoral
Where: Groot Constantia Wine Cellar, Cape Town
When: 3 August, 2017, 8pm 
Tickets: Only 100 seats, so booking is essential R300