You on Netflix: 5 Things We’ve LearntSeasons 1 and 2 of You on Netflix have been released, featuring the creepiest stalker-serial-killer boyfriend you’ll see in a long time.

Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg, a seemingly mild-mannered bookstore clerk in New York. He falls in love with a customer, Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), and develops an intense, toxic and very dangerous obsession with her. Turns out it’s not his first time on this particular rodeo. Let’s just say that Joe’s “girlfriends” (and those who hang out with them) have a peculiar way of disappearing. By the time we get to Season 2, Joe has a new name, lives in a new city and has a new infatuation called Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). And so the creepiness continues.

Here’s 5 Things We’ve Learnt from watching You on Netflix:

  1. If your potential new boyfriend seems too good to be true – run for the hills. NOBODY is too good to be true. He’s more likely a psycho serial killer.
  2. If you discover your potential new boyfriend has built a secret soundproof cage with glass walls in his basement – DON’T GO INSIDE THE CAGE. Even if you think he isn’t around.
  3. If your cellphone and laptop go missing, and then mysteriously re-appear – CHECK THEM FOR SPYWARE!!! There’s a reason why your potential new boyfriend always seems to know where you are …
  4. If you want to have sex with anybody OTHER than your potential new boyfriend in your ground floor apartment with the big windows – CLOSE THE CURTAINS.  Please. Just close the curtains.
  5. If your friends and ex-partners suddenly disappear without a trace – or turn up with concussion after being bashed in the head – soon after you start dating your potential new boyfriend, it may be time to reconsider the relationship. Also, see #1 – Run for the hills.

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