Angel Summit SA 2018 Michelle Vooght
Angel conversationalist Michelle Vooght

At times the world seems like a scary place to be right now. Spinning like a fragile little top, we veer from the burden of war to the excitement and wonder implicit in the infinite possibilities of just being human.

Some of the fervour of the millennial zeitgeist is both a response to a deepening awareness of what’s at stake, and a wakening acknowledgement of our awesome potential for personal empowerment.

Lines have long been blurred between health and spirituality, and contemporary esoterica has become like an Aladdin’s cave packed with a myriad modalities ripe at the picking for exploration.

Expanding consciousness for health and well-being

The surge in popularity of spiritually-orientated disciplines like yoga, crystal healing, psychic readings, astrology and dreamwork make everyday life a remarkably different space to that of a few conservative decades ago.

Meditation rarely raises an eyebrow, nor do subtle energy systems like Qigong or Tai Chi, or even reflexology, aromatherapy and Rolfing. While for some, the principles of healing touch, past life regression, biofeedback, smudging, binaural beats or Reiki may still be a step too far out the safe zone, the proliferation of practices offering to turn your immense innate power into your most valuable tool for health and well-being makes the alternative health arena well-worthy of investigation.

Enlightenment may not exactly be 5 steps away, but there’s huge ground to cover in expanding one’s consciousness and opting for growth and expansion – for both mind and body.

Angel Summit South Africa 2018

One educative option for Capetonians is the upcoming Angel Summit South Africa, which takes place at the Peninsula All Suite Hotel on Saturday 21 October 2018. Billed as ‘a platform for Divine Guidance to speak, and a day of vibrant energy, unconditional love and joy’, the event is open to those who think beyond convention, as well as those seeking healing and spiritual guidance from masters in the field.

Angel Summit 2018 Lourens Coetzer
Lourens Coetzer, author of When You Die

Founded by healer and angel conversationalist, Michelle Vooght in 2017, this Embracing the Divine – Wisdom for the Present Time platform aims to highlight harmony within, as well as that with the world at large. Sharing her energy, Michelle will introduce attendees to the Archangel realm and impart messages of healing.

Also at the Summit will be popular Lourens Coetzer. The author of When You Die, Lourens is an extra sensory therapist.

Natalia Baker joins the panel of speakers for the second year. Linked to the ascended masters, Natalia specialises in self-empowerment and healing. She will reveal some insights as to what the future holds for the African continent.

Shamanic healer, Claire Creighton, will also be on hand to assist members of the audience in identifying unhealthy practices and advise on how to bring wholeness back to their lives.

Many riddles remain regarding the complexity of life, but ultimately, it’s up to us to figure out how to shape our open-ended future. Fast tracking spiritual mastery may not be everyone’s primary quest, but recognizing our highest potential goes a long way to enhance our health and well-being.

What: Angel Summit South Africa 2018
Where: Peninsula All Suite Hotel, Beach Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
When: 21 October 2018
Angel Summit SA 2018 Time: 9.30am to 5pm
Angel Summit Michelle Vooght Tickets: R950 (all inclusive, with coffee/tea breaks and a pool deck luncheon)
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