Bucket Boy review: BaxterBUCKET BOY. Written by Pierre Malherbe. Performed by Pierre Malherbe and John Maytham. Directed and designed by Adrian Collins. Masambe Theatre at The Baxter.


A video store. Totally familiar, totally nostalgic. The empty DVD boxes on the walls. The posters of movies. The landline and the clunky Dell laptop. Dave’s Video Paradise is the setting for this off the wall, surprising and so, so funny two hander where miserable and morose shop owner (John Maytham), and flaky stoner, muso, part-time shop assistant Duncan Fahrenheit (Pierre Malherbe)- play out a bizarre story that ties into an almost, coincidental, suburban past.

Owner is seriously morose. Duncan is hilariously kookie. And they do a very strange dance, that brings them into each other’s orbit. I love Pierre’s plays. They are always familiar but out there, sad but also laugh out loud hilarious. It’s very satisfying to watch. Pierre has a knack for creating adorable, dysfunctional losers and these two completely fit the brief.

Adrian Collins has done a beautiful job directing the piece. It is perfectly paced much ado about nothing, becoming drama and confessional, and I was totally absorbed.

Bucket Boy is Cape Town, and human, and delightful and it is an hour well spent in the delicious Masambe theatre.

What: Bucket Boy

Where and when: Masambe Theatre at the Baxter, 31 October – 15 November 2023

Tickets: Webtickets