It’s that time when Cape Town Cycle Tour cyclists once again hit the roads. Amongst the elite, the fit and the fast there will also be absolute novices, proving that cycling is for everyone.

How far is the Cape Town Cycle Tour - 109 km
How far is the Cape Town Cycle Tour – 109 km

Entry closing date

It’s not too late to enter the 2020 Cape Town Cycle Tour – entries only close on 29 February, 2020, and later in the year entries will open for the 2021 event.

If you’ve ever thought about entering but always been daunted by the distance, don’t be.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is designed to be enjoyed by every level of cyclist – from the world tour pros right down to the first-timer taking a first tentative pedal around the peninsula. So when is the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020? It’s on 8 March, 2020.

Cape Town Cycle Tour distance

Your first concern – 109km. Don’t worry about it! Yeah right! But naturally, you need to train. If you manage to mix up a few indoor sessions and do the odd 60 – 80km ride before race day you can be absolutely fine.

The trick is to look at the start line of the event as a culmination of your training goals – not the finish line. The hard part is the training, but once you are on the start, you have made it! Now just put your head down and ride – remembering to lift it, of course, to look at the dramatic Cape Town views.

Enjoy the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020 either as a cyclist or from the sidelines
Enjoy the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020 either as a cyclist or from the sidelines

The help

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is there for your riding pleasure. The staff, the crew, the volunteers, they all want you to finish. Everyone is willing you to cross the line – from the race announcer at the start to the supporters lining the streets. What’s more, the route is swamped with support tables and hydration stations that provide a much-needed boost when you need it most. Stop at these tables whenever you feel like it – don’t get caught up in the hype of flying by. Take it easy; sip on a soft drink, an energy drink or just take a moment to gather your thoughts – there are 35, 000 people, just like you doing exactly the same thing!

Cape Town Cycle Tour time

There is a very generous cut-off time at the Cycle Tour; from your start time, you have seven hours to complete the event. That means you can take your time and enjoy the ride for what it is, a pleasant day out in one of the world’s most beautiful cities with no cars to bother you.

Gang up

One of the best ways to ensure you succeed with training and on race day is getting a group going. Round up your friends and ride together ahead of the event and on race day. This will keep you motivated as you build up towards Cycle Tour and give you something to celebrate together when you finally conquer the course.

Detail deficit

Don’t get caught up in the cycling hype. Yes, that sounds counter-intuitive, but so many novice cyclists get derailed in the details before they’ve even enjoyed a ride. All you need is a bike, cycling shorts, a cycling jersey, a helmet and your cycling shoes of choice.

The energy gels, nutrition, training programmes, excessive gear and paraphernalia all comes later – in the beginning, it’s best to simply get on your bike and ride.

The wind

Wind? What wind? You must be thinking of another event …

What: Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020
When is the Cape Town Cycle Tour 2020: 8 March 2020
How far is the Cape Town Cycle Tour: 109km
Where: Get updates here,, on Instagram @ctcycletour, Twitter @CycleTour