Capegate Summer SplashThe Capegate Summer Splash is a huge outdoor water park with a fun tropical theme for families to enjoy over the festive season. The park includes water slides, a wave board, paddle boats, a mini beach, a dunk pool, foam slip and slide and weekly beach activities.

Capegate Summer Splash equipment

A giant inflatable water slide, which is 5m high, 22m long and 6m wide

A front water slide at 8m wide and 15m long

A wave simulating slide that is 3m high, 10m long

A two-lane inflated foam slip and slide

Paddle boats

A surfboard simulating station

A dunk tank

A 240 square metre raised sand pit.

Shaded areas and seating will be available, along with a refreshment station to complete the beach vibe. Every Saturday, during the event dates, you can also partake in a fun beach-themed workshop or activity free of charge. These sessions include sand-building and kite-making workshops, a water wars challenge as well as a beach treasure hunt.

What: Capegate Summer Splash

Where and when: Capegate Shopping Mall from 6 December 2019 to 11 January 2020

Time: 10am to 7pm

Ticket Prices: R85 for 90 minutes and R125 for 3 hours (non-riders pay an entry fee of R40). Only cards, no cash payments