Author CHRIS NDAYI has published his first book, which calls on all Pan-Africanists to establish one of the most powerful movements to ever exist on the continent. Titled Africa The Rising Economic Power: Soaring Faster Than Expected, it explores how to reposition Africa as a dominant global force.

Africa is rising, and ready to fulfil its divine destiny – such is the view of Burundian author Chris Ndayi, who charts the path needed for Africa to regain its prosperity. Africa has long been one of the most bountiful, resource-rich places on the planet, yet still remains shackled by its colonial legacy and ever-escalating threat of Chinese and Western imperialism. To counter this, Ndayi calls on all African leaders, Pan-Africanists, and friends of Africa, to act as one; and for the people of Africa to awaken their hard-working spirit.

He suggests how leaders, under the African Union, should steer a common market economy to become a global economic powerhouse within the next three decades.

The book offers a practical blueprint highlighting the critical issues needed to reposition Africa as a dominant force, allowing it to ultimately overtake China in terms of GDP. It proposes that, after the COVID-19 recession, the US should initiate a deal with all 54 African countries to stabilize its economy and diversify the global supply chain.

Chris Ndayi is the author of Africa The Rising Economic Power: Soaring Faster Than Expected
Author Chris Ndayi

Key infrastructures

Ndayi succinctly outlines the key infrastructures necessary to set Africa on a new trajectory. He highlights three of 12 Agenda 2063 projects that should be realised before 2035 if this program is to be successfully implemented.

These are the building and completion of an integrated high-speed train network connecting all capital and commercial cities of Africa; the construction of the Grand Inga Dam, which has the potential to speed up African industrialisation and provide affordable electricity to all African cities; and the full implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

He affirms that these are complementary infrastructures, and none of them can succeed alone. Together they have the potential to increase Africa’s allure, more so than any other market in the world for many decades to come. The author reinforces therefore that all efforts from African stakeholders should focus on these projects, as they are key to unlock other Agenda 2063 initiatives.

Chris Ndayi and his wife Margarita Bukuru
Chris Ndayi and his wife Margarita Bukuru

A divine transmission

As explained in Ndayi’s Testimony, these summations are God’s directives for the African continent. This came about when, in a series of dreams, he was visited by The Holy Spirit, who insisted that this divine transmission be shared with all of Africa’s people.

As such, Ndayi asserts that the empowering proposals presented in the book are not his work, but God’s revelations to help uplift Africa. The message being that if we speak with one voice and act collectively to promote our common ideals, the renaissance of Africa is fully within our grasp.

This new financial approach underscores the need for the urgent creation of a supranational body, The Pan-African Infrastructure Fund (PIF) – a Pan-African financial institution which would have a wide purpose, but primarily fund the completion of the high-speed train network and Grand Inga Dam. This would allow Africa to define its own financial freedom, instead of depending on European, Chinese and Western institutions to bail it out of its economic quagmire.

Along with the implementation of an African Monetary Union Pan-African currency, the “Afro”, he suggests that Africa should establish this institution as a tax union and a preliminary Pan-African tax authority that would be an independent source of revenue for infrastructure priorities, and culminate in a direct tax scheme similar to federal states.

Ndayi urges all African leaders to follow the call, and apply the achievable solutions suggested in his inspirational work.

Africa The Rising Economic Power: Soaring Faster Than Expected has been translated into English, French, and Portuguese (hard copy only).

Printed copies are R280, inclusive of delivery in South Africa. Order at, or call/WhatsApp 062 217 5336. eBook versions are available on Amazon at $8.28.

About Chris Ndayi

Chris Ndayi (Christoph Ndayiragije) was born in Bujumbura, Burundi in Central Africa. He is fluent in French, English, Swahili, Kirundi, and Kinyarwanda. A small business owner, he is married with three children. He moved to Cape Town, South Africa in 2001, to escape the civil war that was raging in his country.

His interest in economics and passion for Africa began when, one night in a dream, he saw a big map of Africa entering his heart.

Ndayi studied Management for two years in Burundi before the war disrupted his education. He is currently completing a Degree in Business Administration at the Department of Economy and Management Sciences at UNISA.

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