Vocalist Christine Weir has been busy writing and recording new songs. The theme aired on her Moonflower release is based on “the shadow work that we all need to do; we all have things that we don’t like about ourselves, things that we’d prefer to repress or disown, but, as I’ve learned, this doesn’t make those issues go away! The best we can do is accept and try to love ourselves for what we are. So, I have chosen to see my shadow as a Moonflower, which is the title name of my new song.”

“Once again I’ve worked with my super-talented song producer, Roger Bashew, and I’ve asked the ‘A’ team to play on this song: Bev Whelan on tin whistles, Richard Tait and Jonathan Tait on acoustic guitars, and Rayelle Goodman on violin.

As part of the release she’s put together what she describes as “a fun, joyful, and ‘feel good’ video

Moonflower is also on Spotify here.

Christine Weir has also put together three new episodes of her FMR podcast, On the Folkin’ Fringe, which is hosted on the FMR website.

This podcast series showcases the amazing talent of South Africa’s folk, acoustic, celtic and singer songwriter musicians.

To listen to On the Folkin’ Fringe podcast, just click on the link.

Who: Christine Weir
What: FMR to On the Folkin’ Fringe, Moonflower