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Another superb season of Cinema Nouveau Exhibition on Screen begins with an extensive collection of Degas’ work.

In Season 6 audiences are treated to the world’s greatest art exhibitions, and stories behind art masters on the big screen.

Exhibition on Screen, the pioneering series of gallery and artists films for the cinema, returns exclusively to Ster-Kinekor Cinema Nouveau theatres in January 2019.

Providing access to the world’s greatest art and artistic institutions, each film offers a cinematic journey into the personal and creative lives of history’s best-loved artists.

Screenings are at Rosebank Nouveau in Johannesburg, Brooklyn Nouveau in Pretoria, Ster-Kinekor Gateway Nouveau in Durban and V&A Waterfront Nouveau in Cape Town.

Cinema Nouveau Exhibition on Screen

The season starts with Degas: Passion for Perfection (26 January, 2019), revealing the story behind Degas’ obsessive pursuit for perfection. Next in the line-up is Young Picasso (1 June, 2019), which delves into the artist’s early years and how they shaped his rise to worldwide fame.Meanwhile, Rembrandt (13 July, 2019) will return to the big screen to mark the 350th anniversary of the artist’s death. The season will end with Van Gogh & Japan (3 August, 2019), which looks at the strong influence Japan had on Van Gogh’s work.

Degas: Passion for Perfection

This film journeys from a superb exhibition at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, whose extensive collection of Degas’ works is the most representative in Britain, to the streets of Paris. It tells the fascinating story of Degas’ obsessive pursuit for perfection through both experimentation with new techniques and lessons learnt from studying the past masters. Using written accounts by friends and commentators, and the narration of letters written by Degas himself, this film reveals a more complex truth behind one of the most influential French artists of the late 19th-century and serves as an exploration of the complex workings of Degas’ artistic mind.

Run time: 85 minutes

Young Picasso

There are many films about Picasso’s later years, which speak to the art, the affairs and his wide circle of friends. But where did this all begin? The film shows the upbringing and learning that led to his extraordinary achievements. Three cities play a key role: Málaga, Barcelona and Paris. The film explores the influence of each on the artist, focusing on specific artworks from these early years Looking carefully at two key early periods, the Blue Period and Pink Period, the film takes us all the way to 1907 and to the creation of a key painting in the history of art, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, which Picasso painted at 25 years old. Working closely with all three Picasso Museums in Málaga, Barcelona and Paris, this film explains how he rose to such great heights.

Run time: 85 minutes


Rembrandt screens again to mark the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death. It explores the major show of the Dutch artist’s work hosted by London’s National Gallery and Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Rembrandt’s life story is interwoven throughout, alongside behind-the-scenes preparations at both world-famous institutions. For many, Rembrandt is regarded as the greatest artist that ever lived, and this deeply moving film explores the truth about the man behind the legend.

Run time: 91 minutes

Van Gogh & Japan

In the exhibition on which this film is based – Van Gogh & Japan at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – it is evident that Japan has a profound influence on the artist and his work. After leaving Paris for the south of France – which in his mind was the closest to a kind of Japan as he could find – the productive and yet troubled years that followed must all be seen in the context of Van Gogh bending Japanese influences to his will and defining himself as a modern artist with clear Asian precursors. The film travels not only to France and the Netherlands but also to Japan to further explore the remarkable heritage that so affected Van Gogh and made him the artist we know of today.

Run time:  85 minutes.

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