Ian von Memerty is joined by the fantastic Centre Stage band for a thrilling journey through extraordinary and evergreen songs – starting way back with Your Song and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, right through to The Lion King and Don’t Let The Sun go Down.

'Honky Cats' Elton John

 Honky Cats is a tribute to Elton John’s 40 years as an international superstar, with a warehouse of awards including an Oscar, a Tony, and multiple Grammy and Platinum albums. Ian von Memerty says: “This is not an impersonation, because that would cheapen the unique phenomena that is Elton John, but it does give me the opportunity to do several things I don’t usually do.”

He explains: “First – I get to work with a great band, because with the driving sound of Crocodile Rock, and Burn Down The Mission you need all the power that a great band can give you. Second – it gives me a chance to sing the songs of just one man, which is something that I have never done in a show before. And is there any better music to do that with?”

“Third – it gives me a chance to really sing rock again, which I have not done for years. I found these songs sat in my voice with such ease. Fourth – I get to do what I started out doing, which is playing the piano for the whole night. Just wall-to-wall music.”

'Honky Cats' Elton John

“And fifth – it means I have an excuse to wear some outrageous costumes – and I LOVE that!”

Centre Stage has become one of the country’s leading show band / entertainment houses. Elton John’s brilliant and versatile music, Bernie Taupin’s poetic lyrics, this great rocking band, and Von Memerty’s experience as true showman and master musician means that audiences are in for a night rockin’, clappin’ and hummin’ along to some of the greatest songs ever.

What: Honky Cats

Where and when: Theatre on the Bay from 16 – 27 January

Book: Computicket or 021 438 3301