ImproguiseImproGuise, Cape Town’s most loved and longest running improv group, kicks off 2018 with an improvised bang – five nights of completely made up magical mayhem at everybody’s favourite theatre, Upstairs at The Alexander. These will be five nights of unscripted, high risk, long form improv, with a different cast and format each night. Guaranteed to be insanely different and completely addictive. You may have to attend all shows #justsaying #highlyoriginalimprov #bestfuninatheatre

Here is a breakdown of what you can (kind of) expect on each night:

Mon 22: Old School Improv

ImproGuise veterans reunite for the first time in 2018 for an evening of unscripted scenes. The creative improv cast is Megan Furniss, Ryan Jales, Anne Hirsch, Tandi Buchan and Pete Faure.

Tues 23: Fake Place

A homespun tale where three improvisers explore a fictional place and all the loveable and eccentric characters in it. Megan Furniss, Tandi Buchan and Anne Hirsch play everybody.

Thursday 25: Thursday Threesome

Three of ImproGuise’s favourite improvisers, Megan Furniss, Ryan Jales and Brett Anderson take to the stage. Anything can happen.

Friday 26: Word Play

One word from the audience opens a world of improv. Megan Furniss, Leon Clingman and Brett Anderson open the improv gateway.

Saturday 27: Four Play

Four awesome improvisers, improvise from nothing. Tandi Buchan, Leon Clingman, Ryan Jales and Brett Anderson titillate the improv.

What: ImproGuise: Pop-up Improv

Where and when: The Alexander Upstairs from 22 to 27 January

Book: Here or R90 at the door