Jon Snow and Daenyrys Targaryen in GOT Season 8 Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1. Picture: HBO
Jon Snow and Daenyrys Targaryen in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1. Picture: HBO

Here’s the start of MEGAN FURNISS’ take of each episode of Game of Thrones Season 8.

This is what she thinks of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1:

Spoiler alert, if you understand what I am talking about.

Ok, so I am the worst kind of GOT fan. I adored Season 1 but the truth is that I didn’t recover when Ned Stark was killed. I loved Winterfell and hated the Lannisters, especially Joffrey, and I thought the Dothraki were seriously weird. I loved the baby dragons, and Arya Stark as a child, and I loved the white wolves. I found it creepy, and scary and dark 8 years ago, and it was also very original; fantasy, with a heavy dose of violence, politics and nudity. There really hadn’t been anything like it, especially in its ability to kill off important protagonists.

Of course, I have watched each season since faithfully since then, but really. Is it just me, or have things gone a little step too far?

I probably should have done a bit of a recap myself before settling down to watch the first episode of this final season. Too much has happened, and my brain sticks on certain things. I can’t remember exactly who belongs to who, and whether or not some have switched sides. I also have this problem of not exactly knowing who was killed and who survived in previous seasons. This isn’t very good.

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GOT Season 8

So, I was happy to have that teeny ‘in last season’ couple of minutes in the beginning. And then the episode started for real. All that waiting, and tension, and hype, and even giant posters in the subway stations of NYC, but it was an episode of absolutely nothing. Yes, yes, I know things need to be put in place, but each little scene had five lines of dialogue, spoken at the same volume and the same pace. Didn’t matter if it was Cersei talking to the new guy from the Iron whatever, or Tyrion and Sansa Stark not saying much on an icy balcony at Winterfell. Each scene was exactly the same length. In fact, I could have marked the pace of the episode to the endless and repetitive marching of the Unsullied.

Theon Greyjoy has shaken off his past like a bad chiffon nightie, Daenerys seems to have developed a seriously kak attitude and Jon Snow had to say the same nonsense about not being king to every person or group of people he was on screen with.

I am nervous. I think I am going to want to see certain characters suffer, and die. And, honestly, if Jon and Daenerys are going to snog, then can we cut the endless dragon ride foreplay?

Here’s a GOT Season 8 recap.

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