Acclaimed guitarist and Kwazulu-Natal native, Guy Buttery, has just released a reimagining of a song from his past with singer-songwriter Julian Redpath, writes MICK RAUBENHEIMER.

The originally instrumental track, In the shadow of the Wild Fig, is the centrepiece off the titular 2020 album, essentially a collaboration with South African-born, Lisbon based troubadour Nibs Van Der Spuy.

Guy Buttery. Picture: Jacki Bruniquel
Guy Buttery. Picture: Jacki Bruniquel

Floaty ambient textures

Says Buttery: “Back in 2014 I sent a demo of a tune to my old friend Julian Redpath to get his opinion. He either misheard me or chose to ignore my request completely and sent the piece back layered in beautiful vocal harmonies and doused in floaty ambient textures.”

“The song at the time had other plans and was released as an instrumental, but we kept chipping away at our version never knowing where it would land up. Some eight years in the making, with endless permutations, the track is now complete thanks to Jonas Bonnetta, who did the final mix.”

Guy Buttery In the shadow of the Wild fig revisited

Tune in

Listen to the Guy Buttery In the Shadow of the Wild Fig revisited piece here.

Released timeously, the song In the shadow of the Wild Fig revisited, although not related thematically, serves as a bright signal for his upcoming nationwide tour, One morning in Gurgaon. The said tour is funded by the Grahamstown Arts Festival and will include various international collaborators, promising, from all angles, to be a thing of wonder. The One morning in Gurgaon tour kicks off in early July, 2022.

Who: Guy Buttery
What: In the Shadow of the Wild Fig revisited