Merike Meiring Humony Sound THRIVERS workshop

From journeys in music to journeys in transformation coaching, Merike Meiring has come a long way from spreading her first Branches and going Deeper (titles from her album called Meri Kenaz) with her soul-folk sounds.

Today she guides participants in practice of intention humming meditation, and humming for sound wellness, supporting inner journeys of returning to wholeness and vitality by applying voice as a sound healing instrument. This ancient practice has been employed by many cultures around the world in various forms.

Science has shown that conscious sounding/humming is a mood enhancer and helps to reduce  anxiety, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the vagus nerve, and significantly increases nitric oxide, thereby supporting better brain function and blood flow to the lungs and other vital organs. The workshop series aims to embrace these benefits, and teaches participants “to apply intention and sound humming to hear their body’s wisdom and support transformation.”

Merike Meiring Humony Sound THRIVERS 2
Merike Meiring


Join Merike on the upcoming four-week workshop series in Muizenberg at a cosy, ocean-view location (with a fireplace). The event is called THRIVERS, pointing to our innate capacity to flourish when we clean and cultivate the natural flow of vital energy within our bodies.

Participants will practice:
– sound chanting for energy body healing
– torus energy field activation through visualisation
– ‘timeline shift’ meditation to align one’s physiology to a thriving state
–  and other techniques to support in living one’s  best life

The four sessions “will follow a path through the “hero’s journey” in four sections focused on embodying clarity, embodying your purpose, embodying your thriving culture, and embodying your abundance. You can join any one of the sessions as a standalone workshop and still gain benefit from the part of the journey you join on or, if possible join for all four sessions to experience even deeper transformation.

Tickets are limited, and a sliding scale for varying incomes. Buy tickets to the Humony Sound THRIVERS events here.

Call Merike on +27 65 213 2996 to discuss her work, or make bookings for group or private sessions.

What: Humony Sound THRIVERS
When: 11, 18, 25 May, 1 June 2024
Where: Muizenberg, Cape Town