Celebrity Game Night Season 2 launches on 7 February, 2021, on E!, DStv Channel 124. Team Captain JASON GOLIATH will be there.

What is the role of a team captain?

My job is to bring the team together and to encourage people because Celebrity Game Night is structured in such a way that every game is part of your forte, your wheelhouse of talent. I have to keep encouraging people to stay connected, to stay competitive because the game that they are going to shine in, is coming. So, I have to boost morale, and keep that morale going. And I’m there to make sure that everybody is well hydrated and well looked after. And that they’re comfortable and that their energy is boosted. And to make them look as good as possible

This season has a bunch of top names. Did you pick any of them?

No, as I think we would have made emotional decisions with this. That is what our producers did so well. The good thing is that every day is a surprise as you don’t know who is coming and also whose team they’ll be in. When you bump into someone in the corridor, you always think ‘Phew, I hope that person is in MY team.” And often they weren’t and then they become your opposition.

Jason Goliath Celebrity Game Night Season 2
Jason Goliath appears in Celebrity Game Night Season 2

Who is more competitive? You or Ayanda?

I think I would love to say that she is, but I’m definitely more competitive than she is. It’s me.

A lot of screaming and shouting goes on in the show – how do you keep your team calm, cool and collected?

I think we just keep bringing it back to the same thing ‘it’s not over!’ And the way in which the game is structured, is that if you fall behind, you haven’t lost until the final whistle is blown. The final game always gives you the chance to catch up.

Do you feel that being a comedian allows you to tease the other team, or make them laugh to break their concentration?

Absolutely. I try to distract the other team; I try to misinform them; I give them half of the answers to get them wrong and I use every comedic skill I have ever utilized on stage, all the time, as a weapon on the show.

Which are your favourite games you played and which celebrity performed best?

There are so many, I love “Where you’re going”, because you go from looking at a TV screen to feeling like you’re in a car. The excitement of the game activates your imagination, and I think that most of us rarely use that childlike imagination and I think that that’s what that game definitely does for me.

What can we expect from you and your team in Season 2?

More of the things you loved in Season 1; expect more competitiveness; but mostly, MORE fun. More of what you loved. I’m excited for the viewers to watch the show. The performance and success is going to be a very subjective thing. So what I am going to say is YOUR favourite celebrity is going to be your favourite celebrity after the show. Every single celebrity that came onto the show let their guard down, came out of their shell and put their best foot forward. Everybody gave it their all so I can’t choose one, but everyone shone in some shape or form.

The show is based on Hollywood Game Night with the hilarious Jane Lynch. How did you and Anele and Ayanda put your African stamp on the show?

By being ourselves – when you watch us, and if you know me personally and watched me on stage, on our radio shows, and engaged with Ayanda on her platforms, it is the same people that you see on the show. And what is beautiful is that we could bring the ‘South African’ out of the guests; we were simply being ourselves. And our producers and directors were kind enough to allow us this and to be the best versions of ourselves. And because we are three very different yet similar South Africans, there is no denying the South African’ess of the show.

What does it mean to be part of the first African show with this format?

It is a dream come true. I’ve celebrated 10 years in entertainment. I got to the point where I wasn’t excited about auditions – but from the time I heard it was coming I started praying, crossing fingers and toes and I still remember how nervous I was with the audition and then when I got the call, I still remember where I was when I got the news……at the airport in PE.  It was the greatest flight of my life. I felt like it was my birthday. It really is an entertainers dream come true.

What: Celebrity Game Night Season 2 interview
When: Season 2 starts Sunday 7 February 2021
Where: E! DStv Channel 124