Digitalisation is the theme of Cape Town’s next International Public Art Festival 2020, and there’s an Open Call for artists to participate.

Artistic views on the modern age

The streets of Salt River are once again ready to host the 2020 International Public Art Festival and this 4th installment will be a meditation of artistic views on the modern age and the ubiquitous presence of the internet, digital technologies and their seamless integration into modern life.

It’s intended that the showcase will facilitate a dialogue on a more sustainable future within the age of the digital revolution. The festival takes place from 12 to 17 February 2020.

IPAF is making an official OPEN CALL to South African artists as well as from around the African continent to take part by creating public art murals themed Digitalisation in Salt River, one of Cape Town’s bourgeoning urban residential and industrial enclaves.

IPAF 2020 artworks must be

1) Explorative: as they explore and integrate in unusual spaces, create accidental encounters and pose small art gestures;

2) Visible and public-friendly;

3) Collaborative: in how they foster dialogue within the community, public discussion and positive development;

4) Interdisciplinary: by ideally incorporating digital and multimedia forms (from murals to projection, virtual reality experiences).

Deadline for submissions is 31 October 2019, and all submissions must be sent to

Digitalisation Applications to include

  • Name, Country of Origin, Phone Number, Email
  • A biography and visual portfolio of your work (minimum 5 pictures). Bio to include: Personal background, experience and previous achievements, your motivation to participate
  • Profile picture
  • Sketch for proposed work
  • Copy of ID/ Passport
  • Social Media links / Website

What: 2020 International Public Art Festival Cape Town
When: 12 to 17 February 2020
Where: Streets of Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa