Park Café - Greenpoint Urban Park: Review PARK CAFE – GREEN POINT URBAN PARK. 


I popped on over to Green Point Urban Park to meet a cousin and I had the most revelatory time. This is good on an Easter weekend, right?

We met at the Park Café which has recently had a change of ownership and a proper makeover.

To get to the café I dawdled through the packed park, past water and ducks, picnickers, the toddler section in full birthday party mode, soccer players, dogs chasing after balls, a group of bridal party people with balloons and sunflowers, and the little amphitheatre, before arriving at the clean white building and its lovely outdoor section, literally in the park. I felt something tugging at me as I got there. This was how I felt in Central Park, NY.

We sat under an umbrella, with a view that stretched in greenness all the way to the Mouille Point buildings and spent two and a half hours watching the people and dogs, and it was fantastic.

So was the food. The Park Café’s menu is small but varied, and the best part is that it caters properly for vegetarians and vegans. There are all day breakfast options, bigger lunch type options and plenty of cakes too. It is always a relief when the vegan option is not just a green salad and chips. There is plenty on the menu that is vegan or can be veganised.

Park Café - Greenpoint Urban Park: Review

Lovely staff, delicious food

I chose (after recommendation by the owner) the felafel bowl and it was delicious. A huge plate of food arrived, with a tomatoey pesto barley, roasted butternut and beetroot, felafel balls, rocket and a tahini dressing. Yum! I washed it down with a zero-alcohol cider, which was also delicious.

Dogs came to say hello as we sat, and they made use of the water bowls at the entrance. A young roller-skater popped into the café and rolled out with two sprinkles-covered soft serve ice creams, one in each hand. The soccer players shouted, and cartwheelers tumbled past on the huge green stretch in front of us, and a little girl tried to get her coloured, stripy kite into the air.

I wobbled to a standing position. I was full up, on food, company and a general sense of wellbeing. Lovely staff, delicious food and the most diverse and properly utilised public space in Cape Town are only three of the many reasons I’ll be making The Park Café my new local hangout. Next time I’ll take the dogs.

What: Park Café

Where: Greenpoint Urban Park