Radio 5FM’s new breakfast show introduced Dan Corder, Xoli Zondo (sport), Mathapelo Moloi (news) and Marli van Eeden (traffic) in April 2021. The team got off to a great start, enjoying every minute of being on air.

They’re a mixed bag of talent – from campus to community, regional radio and TV.  This 5FM get-to-know-the-new-presenters series chats to the 5 Breakfast team about their introduction to the station and what they get up when they’re not on air.

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5FM Breakfast Team - Xoli Zondo, Mathapelo Moloi, Dan Corder and Marli van Eeden
5FM Breakfast Team – Xoli Zondo, Mathapelo Moloi, Dan Corder and Marli van Eeden

How have the last few weeks been at 5FM?

Dan: “I still cannot believe how lucky I am to be doing this job. I’m even more moved by how delightful this work is, and how much I love it. I mean, I broadcasted a full hour of radio from the back of a horse on Empire Road (in Parktown, Johannesburg) already. That was my job that day! Unreal.”

Marli: “It definitely was a rollercoaster of a first week! I still can’t wrap my head around how fast everything happened and the fact that I am actually broadcasting on a national station! What an absolute honour! I am also thankful for how friendly everyone has been. Apart from my teammates who have been absolute gems, the rest of the presenters and staff at 5FM have also been super nice! Zanele Potelwa (5 Lunch) and Bibi Mbangula (5 Drive) have helped me get the lowdown on how to do the traffic updates, Stephanie B has reached out to assist me in finding accommodation, so I am really pleased with the team spirit at 5FM. Everyone is super supportive. I can’t wait to meet everyone once I get to Joburg (I am currently still in Cape Town).”

Xoli: “It’s always difficult to put into words what it feels like to have your dreams become a reality just before your eyes. I feel my heart race just as I’m about to go on air but hopefully with time the nerves will die down. I have the most incredible team and management has been a pillar of support.”

Mathapelo: “A hope realised – a dream come true. So, I have spent my days basking in the truth that I am now part of one of South Africa’s most iconic brands which is truly an honour and a blessing. 5FM is unapologetically the voice of the youth of South Africa, and words will never be enough to articulate how incredible it is to be able to use mine to express the emotions of my peers on this platform. It’s inclusive, so diverse and has the most talented, driven and passionate voices behind the mic’s and behind the scenes. The bar has been set so high, but within my first week, I have never been so eagerly excited to spend my mornings adding to the station’s rich history.”

What’s your favourite way to spend a day all to yourself?

Dan: “For me it is always getting to the largest space of nature possible, ideally a mountain or an ocean, but at least a green space, and walking and walking. I always have my headphones so I can alternate between great music and the sounds of the quiet world.”

Marli: “I love getting out and about and exploring our beautiful country! Any free time I get, I want to go out and explore. I enjoy nature, so going on hikes or road trips are the best. I also enjoy the arts and history, so spending a day at an art gallery or museum, or any historical site or museum is my thing. I am such a nerd!”

Xoli: “Definitely a day at the spa! I pamper myself unapologetically”

Mathapelo: “Self-care. It has to be doing activities that prioritise my mental and physical well-being and happiness. It starts with the perfect dance playlist, a cup of tea, a bath, a full breakfast, cute outfit followed by a visit to the nail bar and a whole lot of journaling sealed off with a prayer or meditation session.”

What kind of music are you into?

Dan: “This is always an impossible question for me. My music taste is just too broad, and my Spotify Discover Weekly is an eclectic mess! I will say that I have really enjoyed some top jazz since I moved to Joburg, and Kopano Jazz Collective has really impressed me.”

Marli: “At the moment I am quite into Francois van Coke, I resonate with his music a lot since I come from Bellville in Cape Town (which features in his music). I also like The Kiffness and DJ Cosher, it is impossible not to get up and dance to their music! Also Timo ODV before a night out on the town.

Xoli: “My team is teaching me a lot about pop music, I came onto the station not really knowledgeable on the genre. So far my favourite song is Everything is Changing by Goldfish. It speaks to the beautiful changes happening in my life at the moment.”

Mathapelo: “I am a huge Harry Styles fan. His album Fine Line helps me get the energy to start each day. However, locally Msaki has to be on your playlist. Her voice, her music and swift lyrics are emotionally stirring, empowering and shine the light on honest and much needed conversations about our everyday realities as people.  I would say, much more like Tracy Chapman, the power of their songs are embodied in their lyrical content.”

What’s your most used app on your phone?

Dan: “Twitter! Me and the blue bird are best, best, best friends.”

Marli: “Definitely Instagram! I love how visual the app is.”

Xoli: “WhatsApp.”

Mathapelo: “It is extremely tight between Twitter and Uber Eats. It’s like the perfect balance of keeping informed with all the latest news and fed at the same time. I am constantly on the go, so these apps help me keep up with my busy schedule.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Dan: “It’s a secret for now, but it involves going somewhere very, very different, that few people have ever gone to. Not to be an annoying radio presenter, but I guess you will just have to tune in to find out!”

Marli: “Since I am moving to Johannesburg, I am going to make it my mission to explore as much of the city of gold as possible! Any ideas of places that are a must see are welcome.”

Xoli: “Shark diving before the year ends”

Mathapelo: “At the top would be travelling to my grandmother’s house in Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape with all my siblings. The coronavirus pandemic has heart wrenchingly robbed us of much needed family time and fellowship. Hopefully, a shot left to either Cape Town or Durban, I need a beautiful stay at the coast so badly. Attempt to conquer one of my fears and go bungee jumping or skydiving. While keeping it simple in 2021, I want to have fun with every experience life brings my way this year. To live in the moment despite the constant hustle and bustle of my late 20’s.

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