Every dish on the new menu at Radisson RED Cape Town’s OUIBar+Ktchn, launched to the public on 1 July, 2024, is a blend of comfort and nostalgia. Executive Chef André Hill says it’s designed to make you feel at home, no matter where you are.

“I believe that tradition drives innovation,” Chef Hill says as his eyes light up while he adds the finishing touches to one of his personal favourite dishes – the curried butternut & coconut soup.

“In my 23 years in the industry, you come to experience many dishes that seem modern, but they’re so deeply rooted in tradition. You take what you know from childhood and what you’re learned through your learned experience and create something phenomenal.”

Radisson RED OUIBar+Kitchen Winter Menu
Radisson RED OUIBar+Kitchen Winter Menu

Must-try dishes

The new winter menu is inspired by seasonality and progression. Radisson RED has been at the forefront of progression, whether it is food or people or hospitality.

“We had a lot of room for creativity and growth when creating this menu,” Chef Hill says. “There are a lot more technical components and we looked at what worked before, what didn’t work so well and what the team does well, and we had input from the Sous Chefs too. Our main intention is for guests to leave with an experience, not just having a meal.”

As a parent, you can never choose your favourite child, but Chef Hill has made some recommendations of the must-try dishes on the new menu.

“Our couscous salad (with dukka, baby tomatoes, RED made smoked ricotta, roasted cauliflower, pickled apple, mint and coriander) is a firm favourite followed by the slow-cooked glazed chicken thighs (with dill emulsion, crushed mustard potatoes, BBQ greens and crispy onions). And there’s nothing like a delicious vegan carrot cake to end it all off,” Chef Hill explains.

“What’s great about our menu is that it’s adaptable to all dietary requirements.”

The newly-refurbished OUIBar+Ktchn at Radisson RED Cape Town is more than just a place to dine.

Its fresh, vibrant look creates the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Whether you’re enjoying a romantic dinner or attending a live event, the new menu and inviting ambiance celebrate togetherness, warmth, and unforgettable moments.

See the OUIBar+Ktchn menu here.

What: OUIBar+Ktchn at Radisson RED Cape Town Winter Menu
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