The fun Red Bull Box Cart Race takes place on 6 November 2022 at the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town. Spectators will line up to witness cart-drivers take to the streets to be crowned the Red Bull Box Cart 2022 champions.

Earlier this year there was a call for participants to apply on the Red Bull Box Cart Race website by playing an online game which led to an application page. Teams of all levels, from amateur to experienced have been selected by judges to participate.

Red Bull Box Cart Race. Picture: Tyrone Bradley
Red Bull Box Cart Race. Picture: Tyrone Bradley

Standout creative elements

The likes of Wolfs of Wall Street with TikTok sensation Jean Marc, Potjie Boytjies and Phala Phala Phala, signed up to partake in this event where teams are challenged to create non-motorized carts that can race down a slope.

The race is judged not only by the speed of the cart but also by standout creative elements.

The race judged by Red Bull MotorSport Athlete Giniel de Villiers, Red Bull FORBs – Skarra Ntubeni, Courtnaé Paul, Nasty C and hosted by comedian Dalin Oliver alongside content producer Nadia Jaftha and commentary by Brian Emminis could be one for the books.

Over 120 Red Bull Box Cart races have taken place in all parts of the world since the first one in Brussels 22 years ago. This family-filled event has since attracted and hosted over 4 million spectators. All roads lead to the colourful streets of the Bo-Kaap as the community gears up to give Mzansi unparalleled entertainment this November.

Red Bull Box Cart Race. Picture: Mpumelelo Macu
Picture: Mpumelelo Macu

List of the Red Bull Box Cart teams

TopGear South Africa (Johannesburg)

BF GOODRICH (Johannesburg)

Clover Way Better (Johannesburg)

Rose (Johannesburg)

Team Minions (Johannesburg)

EnSciders (Bloemfontein)

The Feel Good Amplifiers (GHFM) (Cape Town)

The Dream Team (Cape Town)

CityROCK Dirtbaggers (Cape Town)

The Aqua Rangers (Cape Town)

Max Speed (Cape Town)

Mystery Incorporated (Cape Town)

Cape Carrots! (Cape Town)

South African Space Association (S.A.S.A) (Cape Town)

Date Night (Cape Town)

The Boulder Mobile (Cape Town)

I&J – Umlobi Warriors (Cape Town)


Pinkglorious Bastards (Cape Town)

The senders (Cape Town)

Magneration (Cape Town)

FormulaV by Denka Design Consultancy (Cape Town)

SMG BMW Century City (Cape Town)

Bo-Kaap Bokke (Cape Town)

The Gemini Solution (Cape Town)

Toad on the Track (Cape Town)

Wolfs of Wall Street (Cape Town)

The KaraKAts (Cape Town)

Oudtshoorn Racing Team (Cape Town)

Wallstreet® (Cape Town)

Team KRUNA “ Constantly sooo pitted” (Cape Town)

Brass Monkeys (Cape Town)

ART (Cape Town)

Raging Bulls (Cape Town)

Adventure Bros (Cape Town)

The Potjie Boytjies (Cape Town)

Snoek kuite (Cape Town)

Team Got Milk (Cape Town)

F1 By Nature (Centurion)

The Curved Ones (Centurion)

The wonky wires (Durban)

Shesha Nyama (Durban)

Mad Max – Bo-Kaap (Durban)

ChromTech Racing (Hartbeespoort)

Morning Glory (Johannesburg)

The Street Inlaws (Johannesburg)

Filions (Johannesburg)

Team Entrostat (Johannesburg)

Phala Phala Bank (Johannesburg)

ZRF (Zombie Response Force) (Johannesburg)

Squadra Corse (Johannesburg)

GRAVATON 101 (Johannesburg)

White coats (Johannesburg)

The 4 Couzins (Johannesburg)

Bad Ideas (Johannesburg)

4E : Dark Knights (Johannesburg)

Space Vikings (Pretoria)

Babinszky Burnouts (U.D.K) (Pretoria)

Ziyakhala (KwaMhlanga, Mpumalanga)

Atomic Synergy (Middelburg)

What: Red Bull Box Cart Race 2022 Cape Town
When: 6 November 2022
Where: Bo-Kaap Cape Town
Info: Official website #RedBullBoxCartRace